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Next Week is Remote Spirit Week!

Next week will be our first Remote or Virtual Spirit Week!  We miss all of you and want to see that everyone is at home staying healthy and learning.  Please check your teacher’s blog and help make our Remote Spirit Week a virtual success!

Monday, March 30:  Helping in the Kitchen Day:   Share a picture of your child helping in the kitchen. You can help make breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack! Don’t forget to write a recipe!

Tuesday, March 31:  Read a Book with a Pet/ Stuffed Animal Day:  Share a photo of your child reading with a family pet or favorite stuffed animal!

Wednesday, April 1:   Wacky Hair Day: Share a picture of your child with his or her wackiest hairstyle!  

Thursday, April 2:  Write a Letter/Postcard to a Senior Citizen Day:  Send a positive message to a senior citizen to help brighten his or her day!

Please make a card and or write a letter to a senior citizen at The Henry Ford Village. The Program Manager and they would love to receive cards from boys and girls. Great chance to practice letter writing—they can be written to:

Dear Friend,

The mailing address is:

Connie Coleman

15051 Ford Road

Dearborn, Michigan


Friday, April 3:  Enjoy the Fresh Air Day:   Share a picture of your child enjoying the fresh air or do something to show our planet you care! Ex. Make a bird feeder, plant a baby tree, or plant a seed.

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