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Week of 10-14-19

Dear Families,
I hope you had a great weekend and start of this week. Here is what we are learning this week.

Important Dates:

DuVall’s Halloween dance: This Friday, 10/18/19.

Popcorn is back on for this Friday! Bring in those quarters!

Oct 24, 2019- School pictures

Homework: Homework packets were collected, and the next 5 lessons was sent home on Monday 🙂 In addition, your child received a new homework game to add to their binder! Thank you again for all your ongoing support with the packets. Each week when your child returns them they will get a check mark. If they reach four in the month they will receive a penguin point! 

Language Arts: This week our theme will be transportation which will link nicely to our science theme. “The Three Little Pigs” by Paul Galdone and different versions of “The Three Little Pigs” mixed in with fairy tales.

Sight Words: Go, in Letters: Hh, Ff

Writing: (Narrative Focus) This week we will keep working on our unit “Writing Through Pictures” and continue beginning to label our writing with the beginning sounds of objects in the stories! Ms Shapas will begin modeling simple sentences to accompany her stories on the big easel.

Math: Continue Unit 1 Numbers to 10 and building stamina for stations mixed in with the lessons. We are doing really well with math so far and I am pleased with the “number sense” that students are building with the numbers!

Science: Cont. experiment to find out how much force to give our wrecking ball in order to knock down a wall without knocking down the houses behind it! Then, we will move onto Mystery 4 in the Force Olympics.

Social Studies: Cont. Unit on “Getting Along With Others”

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