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Week ok 9-30-19

Dear Families,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and stayed warm and dry! I am so excited for our field trip tomorrow and for another week in school with your children. I am so proud of their hard work 🙂 Here is what we will be working on this week. If there are any changes I’ll be sure to add them as they come up!

Important Dates:

October 4th: Bingo for books in the cafeteria (Note went home in folders Monday night!)  

October 18th: Halloween Dance in Gym 5:30pm-8:30pm more info to come!

October 24th: Picture Day! Picture orders will come home in the near future 🙂

Popcorn is back on for this Friday! (if anything changes I will let you know). Again, this is only if your child would like popcorn to buy. It is not mandatory 🙂

Rock Decorations: A special thank you to the moms who volunteered to help us decorate beautiful rocks for our school garden. The kids were THRILLED to do them and it was so amazing! I can’t wait to do this again in the future for another project!

Library Check Out: This week we will be visiting the library on Tuesday so please make sure your child’s book is in their backpacks on Monday night 🙂

Homework: This week I will be collecting last weeks packet (not the game) and sending home the next five lessons with a new math game!

Language Arts: Non Fiction Trade Book is “A Tree for All Seasons” (Robin Bernard) and “Tap the Magic Tree” (Christie Matheson) We will learn and identify what an author is, make inferences and connections, ask and answer questions from the text. Poem: All The Leaves Are Falling Down (In addition, we will be reading additional stories and picking out word pairs that rhyme vs word pairs that do NOT rhyme.

Sight Words: come, and Letters: Oo, Ii

Writing: (Narrative Focus) This week we will keep working on our unit “Writing Through Pictures” and incorporate some writing about the apple orchard!

Math: Continue Unit 1 Numbers to 5 and building stamina for stations mixed in with the lessons. We are doing really well with math so far and I am pleased with the “number sense” that students are building with the numbers!

Science: This week we will do an experiment to find out how much force to give our wrecking ball in order to knock down a wall without knocking down the houses behind it! Then, we will move onto Mystery 4 in the Force Olympics.

Social Studies: Cont. Unit on “Getting Along With Others”

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