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Field trip forms and Scholastic book club order

Yesterday a yellow permission slip (park and pool) and field day permission slips were sent home. For park and pool day we rely on parents to drive students to the park/pool. If you are driving other students, please go to the office with your drivers licenses and insurance and let me know how many students you can drive. If you rather drive your own child, that is ok as well. It is $2.00 for pizza at the park for lunch for anyone.

For field day, we walk to the park where there are fun field activities set up. Time is To Be Determined. It depends on DuVall activities as well as weather. If you would like to be a chaperone, just make sure ICHATS are filled out in the office.

Scholastic book order forms are being sent out today. Again these are not mandatory. I am sending them out if you would like to buy any books to buy for the summer. If you do want books, please order online or send in money with the order form by May 22nd.

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