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Week of 5-13-19

Dear Families,

I hope this message finds you all well and enjoying this lovely weather we’re having… FINALLY spring time weather. I want to thank you all for the lovely teacher appreciation gifts last week! I love each and every one. I am so grateful that I am your child’s teacher! And another thank you for all the wonderful mothers that came for our Muffins for Moms event. I hope you all had a great time. Also, I have the placemats to send home (I had lamination issues so a few had to be re-laminated. Important Dates this week:

*Don’t Forget to follow the ABC countdown sheet for this week!

**Spring concert May 22nd at 6pm. Please arrive to school at 5:45pm

Homework: As we near the end of module 4, we will send home packets until there are no more left in module 4. However, your child will receive a new math game every week to help with subtraction and addition fluency!

Popcorn:  Popcorn might be on this week so lets plan on it unless I send out an update 🙂 

Library check out: This week on Tuesday, we had our final library check out. Please make sure the library book is in your child’s backpack Monday night. Any missing books will have a library fine that will need to be paid (which depends on the book).

Reading Packs: Make sure your child is spending about 10-15 minutes reading at night on  the books, letters/words you find in the reading packs. This will help your child SO much reviewing their personal bags each night! I’m starting to collect books. Please make sure your child has all of their books in their book bags. Any missing books and/or book bag will be a cost of $5 each.

*For summer reading, please visit the Dearborn Public Library and get a library card! The library card allows you to check out physical books at the library, but also websites and apps for reading through the Dearborn Public Library website. I use one of the apps in class too!

Spelling: -og word family: jog, fog, log, frog, hog, dog, smog, clog. Sight words: came, into

LA Book: Cont. Narrative books about how friendship

Writing: Narrative writing about how to be a good friend.

Social Studies: Unit 1: Who am I? regions of the classroom and reflecting on something they like about their classroom. In addition, we have been brainstorming about “kindness” and ways to help us with tattling, kind words and stamina. As the days get hotter and the end of the year approaches this can be a hard time for students to remain focused. It is so important for our little ones to remember this. Here are some of the wonderful reminders your little ones thought of during our lesson and these are great talking points to review at home too 🙂

*Use kind words

*listen when a friend or the teacher/speaker is speaking

*Hands are for helping

*Clean up after myself

*work the whole time

*Include others if they want to be my partner or play with me outside

*Stay in one spot (working the whole time)

*Talk about work talk during work time

New Science Unit: Earth and Space Science: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems: Animals, Plants and their Environments (Cont. Animal Mysteries!)

*Guiding Essential Question/Content: 1. Where do animals live and why do they live there? 2. Plants and animals can change their environment 3. natural resources, human impacts on earth systems.

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