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Week of 3-11-2019

Hello families,

I hope you’re finding this weather to be a nice change! We are continuing March is reading month with some fun activities! Here is what you need to know for this week!

Reading Logs: Tonight, your child will be bringing home a reading log to record daily reading minutes for March. If they complete the whole thing and have it signed by a parent they will earn the reward day of school-wide pajama and movie day March 29th!

Mystery Readers“: It’s a secret though when you’ll be coming so shh… Please let me know as soon as possible if/when you’re free to read to us.

HomeworkThis week your child will receive one math game and Module 4 1-5 homework packet.

Popcorn: Popcorn Friday is on this week so bring those quarters! 

Library check out: We checked out new library books on Tuesday. Please make sure the book is back in your child’s backpack on Monday night!

Reading Packs: Make sure your child is spending about 10-15 minutes reading at night on the books, letters/words you find in the reading packs. This will help your child SO much reviewing their personal bags each night! All bags have been switched so make sure you child is practicing books they receive this week. All reading packs and personal books at home count toward March Reading Logs!

Spelling: -AP word family (cap,map,nap,gap,tap, sap) *sight words: your, got

Writing: Narrative Stories

Science: Continue Weather

Social Studies: Where Am I? This week we will focus on direction and positional words and describing where somethings is in relation to other objects and describing places in our immediate environment! We will use words like: up/down, in/out, above/below and to compare objects words like above/below, in front of/behind, on/under. Games to support this at home are “Simon Says” and “I Spy!”

Important information:

Yesterday I sent home another field trip permission slip. We’re going to the hands-on museum in Ann Arbor! I applied for a scholarship there, and received $200 off admissions. The cost for the bus and the rest of admissions would be $9.00. Please turn this in no later then next week Wednesday 3/20/2019. We are going on April 9th. That is the Tuesday after spring break.

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