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Week of 1-7-19

Dear Families,

Welcome back and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful vacation and got the chance to spend time with your families and friends. Most of all, I hope you got to RELAX! I had the most relaxing break and look forward to being SO much healthier in the coming year. Here is what we have been working on this week in school. Tutoring resumed this week for any students that attend. I will update and add any changes to the blog as they come. Have a wonderful week!

Homework: This week your child received a math game to put in their math binder and today I’m sending home the next 5 lessons in math module 3. I wanted to give the kids some time for a review from the break before sending home the homework packet. We are on pace now with lessons in the classroom. Please let me know if this is difficult for your child.

*Library check out: Library check out is back! So make sure your child brings their book back Tuesday  🙂 Thank you for all your help. This week your child checked out a new book.

*Reading Packs: Make sure your child is spending about 10-15 minutes reading at night the books, letters/words you find in the reading packs. This will help your child SO much reviewing their personal bags each night! Those students who had books sent home last week, make sure they are in there next week because they will be switched for one to two more this week!

LA Books: Informational Books about “Penguins” (We will read and research about penguins this month)

*If your child has any personal books about penguins at home, we would LOVE to read them during class this month and discover facts from the text that we can learn and write about! If you’d like to let us read a book from your house, please make sure your child’s name is written inside the cover so we can get it back to you when we’re done researching penguins.

*If your child does NOT have any penguin books, I would love to encourage your child to visit the Dearborn Public Library to get a library card, check out some great new books, and find some books on penguins!

*If you like looking on the computer with your child, we’d love to read some child friendly articles on penguins!

Writing TopicInformational Writing: Penguins (Can, Have, Are)

Spelling: Spelling instruction and tests will begin week of 1-21-2019. Students will work with the teacher on a specific “word family” each week and be assessed on Fridays each week (or Mondays if the week is short/or extra time is needed). You will receive the results in the homework folders on Monday afternoons. Words will be posted on the blog each Sunday. When the time comes, it would be beneficial to spend a few minutes each night working on reading and writing the words (and most importantly helping your child to see the first letter/sound is the only one manipulated to make the new word and because of this they all rhyme). We have been working on manipulating first and last sounds in CVC words for a while now, so this should be an easy addition for our class. 🙂

Phonics: Long E

Words of the Week: it, big

*Science: Unit on Climate and Weather cont.  lessons on Mystery Science

*Social Studies: Continue Unit on Needs and Wants. This week we will finish working on fair trades and review all the ideas of the unit as it comes to a close shortly. Once again reviewing the concepts of: needs/wants, goods/services, trades (which benefit both parties) in real life teachable moments whenever you are out on the town will help deepen your child’s comprehension of this economics unit: How Do I Get What I Need and Want?

Important Dates:
January 18th: 1/2 Day AM for students 
January 21st: NO School: MLK Day
January 22nd: 1/2 Day AM elementary students 

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