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Week of 12-3-18

First week in December! Soon the New Year will be upon us! Here’s what we will be covering in kindergarten this week

Important Dates and Information:

No school ONLY for kindergarten students- Friday, Dec 14th. (kindergarten teachers have a meeting).

If you want scholastic books, please send the money and order form, or place order online by THIS Friday (December 7th). Orders have to be placed soon in order to receive them before break. Once again, you don’t have to order books, it’s just if you would like to build up your personal library at home.

*Homework: We started out new unit on geometry. We are moving forward in the lessons so hopefully we can send homework packet out soon. So this week again, we sent out 2 new math games. Please place them in sheet protectors to play over and over again!

*Popcorn: This week there will be popcorn sales so bring those quarters at 8:35 am! 

*Library check out: Yesterday your child checked out new books from the library. Please make sure the book is in your child’s backpack next week Monday

*Reading Packs: Make sure your child is spending about 10-15 minutes a night on the books, letters/words you find in there. This will help your child SO much reviewing their personal bags each night! Those students who had books sent home last week, make sure they are in there next week because they will be switched for one to two more this week!

LA Book: Sneezy the Snowman

Writing Topic: What we can do in the snow

Letter(s) of the week next week: Q and K

Words of the Week: she, said

Review words: I, can, see, the, to, like, look, at, come, and,a,we, go, in, he, my, is, has, for, are, here, you

*Science: Unit on Climate and Weather cont.

*Social Studies: Continue New Unit on Needs and Wants. This week our focus is on how needs and wants can be satisfied by purchasing “Goods and Services”! You can help by sending in more pictures of goods and services for us to sort, discuss and learn about this week! In addition, when you go to the store from now on with your child you can discuss and review if you are purchasing a good (something that I can touch, possibly hold in my hand and take home with me) or a service (something that someone does for me that helps me). Thank you in advance for all your continued support. Here are a few examples that we sorted yesterday:

Goods: vegetables, dolls, chicken breast, a doll house                    Services: mechanic, teacher, hair stylist, chef, dog walker

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