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Week of 11-5-2018

Dear Families,

Hello November! As we begin this week there are a few important things to remember. Here is what you need to know for this week. Have a wonderful week and I’ll update you if there are any changes or additions to our plans and schedules.

Important Dates and Information:

*Thursday, November 8th Conference Day #1: I look forward to discussing your darlings progress with you on your scheduled date! If your conference is next week, I will send home a reminder slip soon! Next conference days are Tuesday Nov 13th, and Thursday Nov 15th.

*Homework: The homework packet from last week was due Monday. If you haven’t turned it in, please do so asap. This week in math we will be working on regular lessons to finish module 1.

*This week in social studies we will begin a new unit on “needs and wants”. Please help us gather materials for sorting and writing activities by printing or cutting pictures of needs and wants from magazines, computers, newspapers etc. and sending them in in zip lock baggies or envelopes. We thank you in for helping us make these lessons clear, hands on and realistic!

*Popcorn: This Friday popcorn sales will be back on, so bring your quarters!

*Library check out: Your child will visit the library again on next Tuesday afternoon. Please make sure that your child’s book is in their backpack Monday night ready to be returned this next morning. Any lost or damaged books front he DuVall library will need to be replace by the individual child’s family. Thank you for helping your child become a responsible penguin!

*Reading Packs: It is very important to send reading packs with your child everyday! Use them every day/night and spending about 10-15 minutes a night on the letters/words you find in there. This will help your child SO much reviewing their personal bags each night! Those students who had books sent home last week, make sure they are in there this week because they will be switched for one to two more this week! Woohoo these students rock! Similar to the library books, any lost/damaged reading packs and/or books are $5 each! Thank you again!

Letter(s) of the week: U, L

Review letters: S,M,R,T,N,B,a, A, D, O, I, C,G, H, F, P, E, V, Z

Words of the Week: for, are

Review words: I, can, see, the, to, like, look, at, come, and,a,we, go, in, he, my, is, has

*Science: Begin Unit on Climate and Weather

*Social Studies: Begin New Unit on Needs and Wants

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