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Dear Families,

I hope this message finds you well and enjoying this beautiful weather! Here are some important things to know for this week. If there are there any more changes to the week or important announcements, I will write them as the week progresses. Have a wonderful week!

Important Reminders:

*KDG only has NO SCHOOL this Friday the 28th (kdg teachers have a district meeting) All other students will be in school that day.

*Permission Slips and money for the Apple Orchard field trip are due by October 1st! If you need another slip or need to send in the $10 please do so this week 🙂 Chaperones will be picked when all slips are returned!

*Conferences are quickly approaching! Please make sure you have signed up for one spot on one of the days provided. I will assign any family who has not yet signed up to make sure we meet 🙂

*Popcorn fundraiser sales are almost every Friday so bring those quarters (no limit per child) first thing at 8:35 am. This Friday kdg will not be at school so next week we will resume participating in popcorn sales.

*Library check out: This week we began library check out! Your child will visit the library on Tuesday afternoon and bring home one book per week. Please make sure that your child’s book is in their backpack Monday nights ready to be returned this next morning. Any lost or damaged books front he DuVall library will need to be replace by the individual child’s family. Thank you for helping your child become a responsible penguin!

*Homework packets are due Mondays. I will look for them once a week to help me save time and be organized about collecting completed assignments. If your child is finished early, kindly hold on to them until Mondays or due date if the schedule is changed for a snow day or holiday (maybe in a homework tray or refrigerator) until they are due. I recommend one page a day. However, if your child is finished early it is important for their foundational skills to do some math every day. Please play the math games I give your child each week (you are creating a binder with the homework sheet in a sheet protector) so that your child keeps thinking about math and practicing their counting and cardinality/number recognition skills throughout the week.

Monday math packet number 2 came home.

Letter(s) of the week: a

Review letters: S,M,R,T,N,B

Words of the Week: look, at

Review words: I, can, see, the, to, like

*short a sound: Blend and segment onsets and rimes of single-syllable spoken words

*Initial sounds: Be able to identify the first sound heard when a word in spoken

*separate words into sentences. How many words do I hear when a sentence (of up to approximately 5-9 words) is orally presented. Ex. “I can see the cat” is 5 words. Any sentence will do

*hearing rhymes

If you haven’t done so already, please sign up for my remind app under shapas 18/19

If there’s anything else I will let you know ASAP!

Thank you,

Ms Shapas

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