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Week of 4/23/2018

Hello Room 107 parents,

To start out, I was nominated for the Alberta Muirhead Teacher of the Year Award! I am very honored to be nominated and hope I will see you all tonight at the Dearborn Performing Arts Center! I would love to hear the essay written because it is not given to us. Thank you to whom ever voted! I have the best bunch of kiddos a teacher could ask for!

Now back to what we are learning:

Math- we are going to focus on graphs and what they show us. But our mini lessons will be about money; what and how much is a nickel, dime, penny, and quarter. And start counting amounts.

Science-Working with writing to write about plants and animal needs.

Social Studies-What maps help us with? where we are on a map, state, and country.

Spelling- -ip word family- hip, lip, dip, sip, zip, rip. Just because these are the spelling words, feel free to practice any more -ip words; drip, ship, flip, etc

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