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My goodness we are already reaching the end of January! I can not believe it. I am so proud of all our progress in Kindergarten. As we head in to the week, here is what you need to know. If there is any new information I will send it out immediately! Have a wonderful week 🙂

Important Dates:

Every Tuesday: Library Check out

Friday 1-26-2017: 1/2 Day for Elementary Students

Looking ahead: February 2nd: NO school for kindergartners! Kindergarten teachers have the all day meeting again.


Spelling: -et Family  *jet, wet, *pet, *get, vet, net, set, bet (*hot words are words guaranteed on test!)

Reading: Trade Book: The Case of the Stripes

Poem: Head and Shoulders

Math: Finish addition unit. Start on subtraction if time allows. Unit 6 corrections are being sent home soon.

Writing/Social Studies: Cont. publishing how we are “special” and unique. The theme of being special and unique also links to the new trade book “The Case of the Stripes” as well and the idea of being ourselves

Also, for social studies talking about goods vs services.

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