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Week of 12-18-2017

Greetings from room 107! Almost to our winter break! Time has flown by!

Academic focus:

Math: We finished up our unit on teen numbers! I HOPE to send out the unit this week… if not it will be after break. Next unit will be on sets and how to quickly see different sets instead of counting one to one. However, we will not start that until after break!

Social Studies: continue unit on needs and wants. We just finished our writing to santa or mom and dad.

LA: we are learning and writing facts about reindeer! What they eat? where they live? what do they do to stay warm?

Science: continue push and pull, but how does force and direction influence the motion and strength.

Homework: Math “games” from the binder and reading (book bag, raz kids, and sight word card).

This week: Friday is our class popcorn day! As well as our holiday party AND sing along! our holiday party is at 1:30-2:30pm. Sing along is at 2:30-3:30pm. Everyone is invited to both! If you do come, please remember to fill out your ichat (if it is your first time volunteering).

Spirit week: tomorrow crazy sweater and Friday crazy hat/headband

Holiday shop is open for the rest of the week. Feel free to stop by after school to browse/buy!

P.S I forgot about library check out again :-(. I get so caught up in our lesson yesterday about needs and wants.

If I forgot to include something I will let you know!

Miss Shapas


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