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Note from Mr.Attee

On Tuesday, October 31st, students will be allowed to bring costumes to school.  Students will not be able to wear their costumes during the morning, but may put them on in the afternoon prior to our Halloween Parade at 2:00 PM.  Weather permitting, we will walk around the school during the parade and then have time for class group pictures.  Parents are invited to walk with their children during the parade, but must check into the office first in order to obtain a visitor’s pass.
Notes about costumes:
PLEASE DO NOT WEAR COSTUMES TO SCHOOL. Instead, bring your labeled costume in a bag, with your student’s name on it.  Students will be able to change into their costumes in the afternoon. Students may NOT dress up as clowns, IT (Pennywise), or the Joker as several younger students may be frightened by these costumes due to images they may have seen in the media. Weapons or toys that resemble weapons are NOT permitted.  Classroom activities will vary on time and type, so please check the blog of your child’s teacher for details!

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