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Park and pool

I created a sign up genius for items needed. If you can, please donate/help. Also, I am filling out Pizza forms. I have only 3 parents that chose to eat the pizza based on the form. Please let me know asap if you change your mind. Also, please let me know how many of you can drive other children. To everyone, please bring in booster seats for your child this day! We need to make sure every child is safe during the car ride over!

If you signed up for any of the field trips yogurtopia, field day, and park and pool, you need to make sure you have an Ichat form filled in the office. This is required for all field trips and volunteers related to school. All you need for this is the form in the office and drivers license. IF you are driving you need your car insurance, drivers license, and form located in the office. A reminder was sent home last week Friday.

To view your sign up page, go to:

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