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ABC countdown, Scholastic, and homework

Tomorrow is J for Jammie day on the countdown. The following days are posted

May 23 Jammie Day Wear your PJ’s today (Follow Dress Code)!
May 24 Kindness Day Write a letter to an Upstander today!
May 25 Letters Day Write a letter to next year’s class!
May 30 Music Day Bring your favorite CD (subject to teacher approval; labeled with your name)
May 31 Nature Day We will observe nature outside today and write down our observations!
June 1 Outside Day A project or assignment will be done outside!
June 2 Penguin Pride Day Wear your DuVall spirit wear today and join us after school at the Ice Cream Social!
June 5 Quiz Day We will have a quiz on something we learned this year!
June 6 Rainbow Day Wear all of the colors in the rainbow today!
June 7 Signature Day We will sign our names for all of our friends!
June 8 Team Day Wear your favorite team shirt/jersey today!
June 9 USA Day Wear Red, White, and Blue today! (Field Day)
June 12 Video Day We will watch an educational video!
June 13 Water Day We will be going to Levagood park and pool!
June 14 X” tra recess day We will add extra minutes to our recess!
June 15 Yogurtopia Day We will be walking to Yogurtopia! $4 and permission
June 16 Zoom Out Of School Day Have a wonderful summer vacation!


I sent home a May Scholastic order form about 1 week ago. Please order or send into school your order form by May 24th. My class code is QNHLC. This will probably be the last one of the year.



I sent home homework today either in their homework folder or the red everyday take home folder. This week will be due on Thursday, since Friday we have no school. This will be the last homework sent out for the year.

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