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Book Bags change

There will be some changes regarding book bags. Mrs. Mogalli and I co-teach during daily 5. Originally the bags were supposed to be returned Thursdays, but instead we (Mrs. Mogalli and I) have decided to let you borrow the bags over the weekend. It is impossible to see all the groups in one day; even with Mrs. Mogalli, and give each kid/group quality time they need.

There are 4 components to reading, acronym is CAFE. C is for comprehension, so making sure they are comprehending the story. A for accuracy, so making sure your child is saying the correct words all the time. Self-correcting is good, but they need to read it right after correcting. F is for fluency, so making sure your child is “not reading like a robot” (as what I have told the children). And E for expanding vocabulary, so finding and using interesting words.

In school we read the sight words for the book, read the book, and than do an activity relating to the story. Here are some easy activities to work on at home after reading a book. Have your child write down the beginning, middle and end of the book, write down what he/she would do if the problem was real to him/her?, what was your favorite part of the story? There are so many simple activities to extend the book at home to help what is being taught at school.

Thank you for your support and interest in reading to your child(ren)!

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