Homework for 2/19 and 2/20

This week, students are expected to complete their regular weekly metacognitive logs. Students will review for their quiz on letters by writing two friendly letters and one business letter. Writing a thank-you note             Writing an e-mail Business Letter Example            Business Letter […]

Week of 1/28-2/1 Snow Days, Cold Days, Finishing Essays

This week, we had very little time to get things done, but managed to accomplish a lot.  Students are working on an essay in class, and should finish planning all 5 paragraphs.  They are trying to prove the theme in “Aaron’s Gift,” a story we read together in class.  Students […]

Tutoring and Study Hall are available after school!

Tutoring is now available at Stout Middle School. If you are interested and receiving help in a specific subject, you may ask your teacher to sign you up. Tutoring is available on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. You have to ask a teacher to sign you up ahead of time for any day you […]

Week of 1/14/19 “Aaron’s Gift,” NWEA Reading, Half Day Friday

This week, we will finish the story “Aaron’s Gift” by Myron Levoy.    Students have been working on writing down choices made by the characters , or W.A.L.T.R. (their Words, Actions, Looks, Thoughts, and Reactions).  Feel free to use these charts to help figure out a theme, or to support […]

Happy Holidays–Essays graded, Grades updated, Extra Credit!

Hello all.  I hope that you and your families have had time to spend together this holiday season.  In one week, we will be returning to school on January 7th.  Unfortunately, some students still have not turned in their summative character trait essay assignment. Those that have been turned in […]

Homework over Winter Break (12/22-1/6)

Hello all! When we return from winter break, we will resume our NWEA testing, according to the following schedule: Because of this, student should practice their skills over the break.  Students will have 4 tasks to accomplish over break, and ideally, they can be spread out and done a bit […]