Week of 3/23 Assignments 39

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This week, students will be expected to do the following 5 assignments:

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  1. Complete 8 metacognitive reactions by Friday (reading for 20 minutes per day). Create a new copy of the Online Meta Log and record your reactions and what the text says. Share your document with Mr. Melvin by Friday, March 27th at 11:59 p.m. You can access e-books through the Dearborn public libraries or can use the OpenEbooksapp through Clever.

2) Read two or more articles from Cricket magazine’s special issue. Make a comment at the bottom of this page with two or more new facts that you can share with friends and family during the quarantine. Cite them properly in the author’s words, using quotation marks, the author’s name, and page numbers. See the comments section below for an example.

3) Complete IXL.com 6th Grade K.1 “Identify Supporting Details in Literary Texts” and IXL.com 6th Grade H.1 “Compare Information from Two Texts” to 90 or above by Friday, March 27th at 11:59 p.m.

4) Choose ONE of the following to complete:

-Read three myths (Arachne and Athena, Icarus and Daedalus, The Labors of Hercules OR

-Read 5 or more fables (Aesop’s Fables) OR

-Read three fairy tales (here are some to choose from) OR

-Read 4 or more Pourquoi Tales (more here).

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5) Once you have read, gather information about your type of folktale, and create a Google Slides presentation of at least 5 slides that included at least 5 facts about your type of folktale. Share it to Mr. Melvin, who will post them here, so that other students can fill in their notes, based on your research. Check out Mr. Melvin’s example.

All assignments will be due March 27th at 11:59 p.m.

If you have questions or issues, please email Mr. Melvin at melvinj@dearbornschools.org.

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39 thoughts on “Week of 3/23 Assignments

  • Joshua Melvin Post author

    Example Comment:

    1) I noticed that “a real sneeze can send germs 20 feet away,” which is why I will tell my family that we should cover our mouths and noses when sneezing (Tao 29).

    2) I also learned from Cricket that we have to be careful around vulnerable family members, because I read, “the baby’s immune system is not fully developed and she might catch your cold” (Matthews 32). I will remind my parents, who are in their 70s, that they are at risk for catching the coronavirus, and that they should stay home and stay safe.

    • Shahd Alozair

      1) I noticed that “Whatever their shape,bacteria can grow and split into two identical copies fast¨ that is how viruses always spread fast because they always grow ( Jones 3).
      2) I noticed that ¨gazillions of tiny,tiny,tiny,creatures live on and in your body” that is how we are always sick because there are gazillions of germ on you (Jones 1)

    • Quraish Quraish

      I really agree with Mr.Melvin but I want to add to your comment. One thing I learned is that “the Greek word epi means “on” or “upon” wile demos means “people”.

  • jason smith

    I did not know that viruses were not alive ,also the diseases Yellow fever came from a yellow fish. and I wonder when this was.

  • Fatima Zreik

    1) I noticed that “medicines called antibiotics can kill bacteria, so you get well quickly.” (tao 3) This is why i will always remind my family to take their medicine so they can heal.
    2) I also noticed that, “wash your hands with soap and water, and don’t touch sick people or people who have died.” (Marr 18). Which is why i well tell my family these tips to help prevent from getting sick.

  • Mohamad Azaz

    I learned that there is a difference between Seasonal flu and a Pandemic flu. “One difference is that Pandemic happens rarely”(Gov5).
    I also learned that “Antiviral drugs can treat Seasonal flu”(Gov5).

  • Mariam Saleh

    I noticed that bacteria can grow and split into two identical copies very quickly.

    Ebola was a huge virus but was mostly in Africa and there are still questions that scientists couldn’t answer.

  • Rima Alshami

    “A virus cannot grow or move by itself. And to make copies of itself, it has to be inside a living creature, called a host.” so basically like the coronavirus it does not move but its uses the humans bodies to spread from one person to another.(6)

    “Gazillions of tiny,tiny,tiny creatures live on and in your body. And not just there. They’re in the air, in water, in dirt, in and on plants and animals everywhere.” but we cant see them so we need to make sure that we wash our hands and take care of our selfs so that we don’t get sick.( Chris Jones 4).

  • Almasri Saleh

    I noticed and learned that an epidemic is something that spreads quickly and effects a lot of people at the same time.
    I also noticed and learned that an endemic is something that is found or is present in a specific location.

  • ayman alwaqedi

    it is very dangerous, “as COVID-19 continues to spread, more and more schools close, and families spend more time at home,
    children feel anxious about this disruption to normal life. Naturally, they have questions.
    this is something that is very unexpected “what happens when
    the germs that give you
    measles get inside your body?
    Special lookout cells in your
    blood spot the germs. They
    make germ fighters called
    antibodies that attack the
    measles germ

  • Yasmeen

    After reading cricket’s magazine I had just learned that there are gazillions of tiny creatures living in and on you.

    I also found out that some microbes are used to make cheese and chocolate and other food.

  • Almasri Saleh

    ” Gazillions of tiny tiny tiny creatures on and in your body” Jones 2. I never new germs were every where. “A flu pandemic is a global out break” cdc.gov 5. I never new something like a pandemic flu exsisted.

  • WEAAM :)

    1) I learned that “citizens of the city began to fall
    sick at alarming rates. As “yellow fever” spread
    and 75 to 100 people died per day” (amidon lusted 1)
    2) I also learned that “ith the exception of the constantly mutating
    flu, many diseases that once were so devastating are
    almost unknown in the United States today” (amidon lusted 17)

  • israa Nazzal

    I learned that wene the virus is inside a host the virus invades the cell and focuses it to make more viruses. the new virus burst out
    of the cell, leaving it dead or very week. each new virus then invades a new cell.also i learned that a virus cant move or grow by itself .

  • Yasmeen Saeed

    1)I found out that “There in air, water…” I did not know microbes were in water,I shared it with my family which they found interesting.

    2)I also learned “Antibiotics do not work agianst viruses” I will inform my family that medicine with not help with the corona virus.

  • Ahmed Mawiri .-.

    1. “Epidemic is something that spreads quickly and widely across a population and infects many people at the same time. ”
    2. germs are “gazillions of tiny,tiny,tiny creatures that live on and in your body.”

  • Mariam saleh

    I forgot to cite the author and put quotations so I corrected It.

    1- I noticed that ” Whatever their shape,bacteria can grow and split into two identical copies fast”(Tao 3)

    2- I also learned that there are still questions with no answers “Where did Ebola come from in the first place? And how did the Guinean toddler become “Patient Zero”for the largest Ebola outbreak in history?Had he been playing in a tree filled with bats, as his friends remember?Did he actually catch Ebola from another person whose death was not recorded?We may never know the answers to these questions, but we learn about Ebola every day.”(Marr 18)

  • Sarah Reda

    1) I learned that bad microbes are called germs,”But a few can make you sick. We call those ones germs”(Jones 2)

    2) I also learned that “A long time ago, we didn’t have vaccines,”so our health is being more cared for and protected.(Wichstrom 26)

  • Elham Hasan

    I learned that we cant live without microbes and that microbes are in water, animals, and are even in air.
    I also learned that some microbes make cheese and chocolates.

  • Abdullah Alatooli

    I did not know that Epidemiologists study the spread of disease , covid 19 was another name for coronavirus , also , i also i didn’t know that there are gazillions of germs in and on your body i thought there were about 2 billion.

  • elhamsaleh

    -gazillions of tiny, tiny, tiny creatures live on and in a body
    -by the mid 1900s the diesces was appering regulary in the united states in the summer mouths
    Here are the 2 facts i have learned through out reading the artciles


  • Mekael Towfeeq

    1) I noticed that “The Greek word epi means “on” or “upon,” while demos means “people,”

    2) I noticed that “The Greek word pandemos means “of all the people,” From this root word we get pandemic, which means it widespread.”

  • Abdulkareem

    1.epidemic means when something spreads like the crona virus.

    2.pandemic means where every body talks about something world wide.

  • Samer Kadry

    Gazillions of tiny creatures live on and in your body. Some microbes are used to make cheese and chocolate and other food.

  • Habib Bazzi

    1. ”If you’re the host, millions of viruses soon spread through your body, making you feel sick” (Jones 4). You can use this because it can remind you to wash your hands before the virus gets to you or multiplies.

    2. ”Polio is caused by a virus that inflames the gray matter of the spinal cord and can affect the central nervous system” (Jones 8). The best way to prevent Polio is by vaccination. Get a shot at a very young age to prevent this disease from occuring.

  • Dean Murshed

    1. I read that “In some past pandemics, young healthy adults were at high risk for developing severe flu complications” (CDC 5). I will tell my older brother this because he is a healthy young adult and next time there is a new disease, he could be at a high risk.
    2. I noticed that “Ebola isn’t very contagious” (Marr 17). I will tell my family that if we just our hands, we will be fine because diseases like this happened before and people just washed their hands and were safe.

  • Radwan Mohammad

    Hi Mr.Melvin I went to newsela and I was looking for the assignment you sent us but its showing my old teachers assignment and her new ones. I don’t know how to get your assignment that you assigned for us and I signed in with google and it still did the samthing. Do we have to type a code or what?