Joshua Melvin

Awareness poster assignment (due Tuesday, 5/28)

Students have been working for weeks on gathering information and writing an essay on the world’s greatest threat.  They have studied an environmental threat in great detail, reading two articles that I selected, and citing evidence from one other, which they found from a credible source.  Students put a lot […]

Extra credit opportunity on IXL

This week, students who have completed testing will have the opportunity to practice skills from their notes with  These will be due by Monday,May 13th, and can be completed at home as well. For each activity they complete, students will earn 3 formative points of extra credit.  They may […]

May 14th Field Trip Waiver Form

Hello all! If your student would like to participate in next week’s field trip to Tree Runner West Bloomfield, please complete the online waiver by Friday, May 10th.  Please note that this waiver is for climbers going on May 14th, only.  If your child is climbing on May 13th or May 15th, […]

Weekend Homework 4/19-4/21

Please get on and check your grades this week.  There are many students with missing work in each class.  We have not had a summative assignment yet this marking period, so all failing grades are related to missing work! Also, check out our topics to research.  Choose one that you’d […]

Greatest Threat to Earth articles

Students will be required to choose one of these topics to research.  They will need to use at least 3 sources, and one must not be on this list.  We will learn more about research in the coming weeks, so that students will be prepared.  The goal here is to […]

Spring Break Homework/ Conference update 4

Parents, please come to Stout’s cafeteria on April 11th, between 4 and 7 p.m. for Parent-Teacher Conferences.   Students should complete the following on Spring Break: Read for 20 minutes per day.  Complete 8 metacognitive logs for Monday, April 8th, when we return. Log in to and complete 7th […]