Assignments for Week of 3/30 – 4/3   Recently updated !

Hi, everyone! I am sure that everyone is ready to get back to normal, as soon as possible. While we’re quarantined, I hope you’ve been able to spend more time with your immediate family, relax a bit, and keep a somewhat normal schedule. Remember what we read when studying sleep […]

Week of 3/23 Assignments 37   Recently updated !

This week, students will be expected to do the following 5 assignments: Complete 8 metacognitive reactions by Friday (reading for 20 minutes per day). Create a new copy of the Online Meta Log and record your reactions and what the text says. Share your document with Mr. Melvin by Friday, March 27th at […]

Extra Credit for week of 3/16: 2

Hello all! I hope you’re feeling well and adjusting to this new style of school. Check out the assignments for this week if you haven’t already. I’ve fielded lots of questions about creating Meta-Log Documents and Mentor Sentence documents, so I created this video, to explain those and also to […]

Week of 3/16 Online Learning 1

This week, students will be expected to do the following: –Complete 8 metacognitive reactions by Friday (reading for 20 minutes per day). Create a copy of the Online Meta Log and record your reactions and what the text says. Share your document with Mr. Melvin by Friday, March 20th at […]

Work while Stout is closed 8

Even though the schools are physically closed, we will continue to learn and show evidence of our learning online. Each week, you will have assignments posted on Sunday night. These assignments will need to be completed by Friday a 11:59 p.m. They may include,,,, or other […]

“Later Start Time” 5 Paragraph Essay Thesis and Resources

In class, we’ve been gathering evidence on whether or not high schools in Dearborn should start later, based on these high-quality sources. Students have shared their evidence with each other, and we used that to group pieces of text evidence together that are all making the same claim. Based on […]

Cornell Notes: 5 Paragraph Essay and Hooks (Test March 6th, 2020)

Students will be learning about how to transform our C.E.R. writing into a longer, more specific 5 paragraph essay. The C.E.R. paragraphs we’ve been working on will be like the 3 body paragraphs of these longer essays. Check out this video. Although the conclusion is a bit different from ours, […]

Parent Meeting March 5th

Dear Parents, On Thursday, March 5th from 9:30am to 10:30am we will be hosting our next Parent Education Meeting in B2. Transform your child’s behavior at home and at school with a few important guidelines. We will be training you in the best strategies for how to question, support and […]

School Start Times Research Documents

Use these non-fiction texts to gather information to support the claim that Stout Middle School should start at 9:00 a.m. Description- “What Makes You Tick: Circadian Rhythms” by OxfordSparks (Oxford University) on Youtube “Sleepless No More in Seattle: Later School Start Times Pay Off for Teens” by Patti Neighmond, National […]

Grades updated– Please check Student Connect

Please log in to student connect to check your current grades. They include our summative test score from the ‘author’s purpose/text structures’ test, as well as many formative assignments from the week of 2/10-2/14. The summative score for the “Aaron’s Gift” C.E.R. writing has not yet been included, but should […]