Grades Posted to Student Connect, Spring Break until April 13th

spring break

Hello all! I have just finished a marathon grading session and have input *almost* all of the grades for assignments we’ve had since we’ve been quarantined. If you’d like to see how much work you or your student have completed, please have them check their Student Connect. I’ll be ready whenever I’m told that students need to start being graded for their work, so please make sure you’re completing it and turning it in on time.

I will be putting in the other 3 grades next week (NewsELA, Meta Logs, and Modern Folktales) to be caught up by the time we return to teaching and learning on April 13th. Per the robocall and email that I received, students and teachers both receive a break this next week, so I may be unavailable to answer questions. I’ve had to cancel my planned vacation, but I still plan to use that time to set up a garden in my backyard. Wish me luck!

Students are free to complete any missing work they may notice in the gradebook, but I won’t be assigning anything new this week. We will resume on April 13th, with a special until that I’m sure will engage all students. Please make sure you’re still reading; I just received 2 new books in the mail from, and I’m excited to finish my current book so that I can begin a new one.

We’ll be reading a book online together, having some online discussions and meetups, working with figurative language and poetry, and playing some games for assignments. I’m excited for the rest of our school year together! Remember that just because we aren’t at Stout in room H-7, that doesn’t mean that our time together is over. Think of this as a months-long “Challenge Day.”

I’m excited to embark on this journey with you, so please participate and do your best to continue learning so that you’ll be ready for 7th grade in the fall!

Your teacher,

Mr. Melvin

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