Week of March 23 – March 27


  1. i-Ready: Complete 6 NEW i-Ready lessons and quizzes by Friday, March 27th. You will have 12 total (6 from last week, 6 from this week). YOU MUST PASS THE QUIZ IN ORDER TO MOVE ON TO THE NEXT LESSON! If you fail a quiz more than once, it will LOCK YOU OUT of that lesson.
  2. Khan Academy: Work on the Khan Academy Mission. You should be at 80% by the end of this week, 90% by the end of next week, and 100% by the end of the following week (Sunday, April 12). (I assigned some new assignments to help increase the percentage!) **Go to Google Classroom, scroll down to March 17th, and click the Google Doc I posted for explanations and examples for these assignments!**
  3. IXL: I have starred all of the assignments that 6th graders should be able to do. Many of you are preparing for the Advanced Math Placement Test. Completing all of the starred assignments will help students prepare for that test.
  4. Grades: I am submitting report cards for MP3 on Friday, March 27th. All assignments must be completed by then.

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