Summer Learning Info

Be sure to complete the following requirements for the summer. They will be one of the first grades on your first report card next year. For math, be sure that you complete the Mappers Recommendations, then continue to work on your 7th grade Khan Academy and IXL Missions to prepare you for 7th grade. Click the link for the requirements:

Summer learning letter


1st Hour- Don’t forget! $5 or 5 cans for the food drive is due TOMORROW! Please don’t forget!! Text your friends and remind them!


  • Khan Academy Statistics practice has been assigned for this week. Test is Friday. Mean, median, mode, range, IQR, boxplots, and mean absolute deviation (MAD) will all be on the test.
  • Khan Academy Unit Tests have been assigned for Review. They are due Monday the 29th, if you choose to do them. They are about 17 questions each. If you can take the unit tests without using a calculator and pass with a 90% or higher, you are ready to tackle the MSTEP.
  • Course Challenge: Khan Academy has a 30 question Course Challenge. Try it out and see how you do!
  • 30 minutes minimum of math study and review each night.
  • This week: IXL GG19 and HH1,2,3,4.
  • Remember, Khan Academy Mission is still going in the gradebook at the end of this marking period as a test grade out of 100 points.

MSTEP/NWEA Study Material

Hi All! Thanks to everyone who took the time to come out for conferences! It was wonderful to see you!

IXL has created an alignment between the 6th grade skills and the Common Core/MSTEP/NWEA. The check boxes are EXCELLENT resources for you to study for the MSTEP and NWEA. This is NOT a homework assignment, but I know some students are really working hard to prepare and would like as much material as possible. Here is the checklist: IXL 6th Grade MSTEP Common Core Alignment

Happy Studying!

Quizzes Tomorrow: Writing Inequalities, Graphing Inequalities, Solving One-Step and Graphing Inequalities, Classifying Pyramids/Prisms, and Nets.

Week of 4/8

  • If you were unable to get the MSTEP studying completed over the break, then please finish it by Monday!
  • Khan Academy Assignments for the week have been posted. All HW assignments this card marking are mandatory in order to be eligible for retakes.
  • IXL Inequality Assignments: Section AA 1-5
  • IXL 3D Objects: Section EE 1-4

Spring Break

  1. Khan Academy: Mission needs to be 100% by Monday April 8th when we come back.
  2. Go to this website:
    1. Do all of the tests from each category. Copy your work and answers onto a sheet of lined paper, because the computer won’t save your score. Write your score at the top of the page after you submit the test. Each test will be worth points when you come back on Monday April 8th.
  3. Go to this website:
    1. Do the online tools training. Write down each question and your answers on lined paper, because the computer won’t save your score. Each question will be worth points when you come back on Monday April 8th.
  4. IXL:
    1. All of Sections GG, HH, and II 90% or higher. We NEED to be prepared for MSTEP. (Data&Graphs, Statistics, and Probability)

Enjoy your break! Set aside some time for math each day to keep your brain sharp so we can tackle the MSTEP when you get back. Be safe!

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