Check out Khan Academy assignments for some assignments to practice for your quizzes tomorrow. Check out these IXL assignments to help you study: H2, G1, O3


I assigned some Khan on Multiplying Decimals for you to check it out. No calculator!

Friday we will have 3 quizzes: add/subtract decimals, multiply decimals, and order of operations. Study and be prepared.

Continue working on the Khan Mission and IXL Sections E, F, and G. By the end of this week, all of sections A-G should be completed. Please attempt a minimum of 90% for each one. Watch the videos and use hints for help. Furthermore, 75% by the end of the month on the mission would be ideal!!


Homework Week of 1/14

Khan Academy: 100 minutes working on mission. Goal is 75% by the end of the month, 65% by end of this week.

IXL: Section E (45 points) , Section F (40 points) , and Section G (20 points). Several of these should have already been completed.

IXL Checklist:

  • Section A (Complete)= 30 points
  • Section B (Complete)= 40 points
  • Section C (Complete)= 30 points
  • Section D (Complete)= 55 points
  • This week: E, F, and G.
  • Next week: H and I.

Reminder of IXL Guidelines: Aim for 90% and above for each section, read/analyze the help for the section if you do not understand, write down problems that are confusing you and bring them to me for extra help if needed.



  • Please complete the Khan Assignments as best you can- this is the only assignment- no packets or additional IXL. DO NOT WAIT until the last day!
  • I know that many of them are things we have not yet learned, however they are questions that you will see on the NWEA when we come back, and I would like you to be prepared.
  • We WILL learn these things later on in the year.
  • For now, try it, watch the videos, and do your best.
  • The higher the scores, the more points you can receive!!

Happy New Year, everyone! Enjoy your time with your loved ones! Be safe, and PLEASE spend more time connecting with your families and less time on Fortnite and YouTube! Play a board game or cards! Go for a walk in the snow! Cuddle up under a fuzzy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and read a book that you’ve been wanting to read!

See you in 2019!

HW 12/19

** Khan Academy Party for those with 50% and higher is tomorrow after school from 3:00-4:30.**

PLEASE BRING $10 each so that there is enough to cover the food order from Pizza Kitchen!!

All Blocks:

  • 100 minutes/week is still on
  • IXL Sections due THIS FRIDAY
  • Birthday Project Final Copy Due Friday
  • Khan Assignments (60 of them) have been assigned for the break. If you want to start them early, that would be fine. Working on these assignments counts towards your mission. IF you are going out of town and will not have computer access, you can do your 200 break minutes early- starting this week.

2nd Hour:

  • 3 Khan Assignments due TOMORROW from the 4th grade mission

HW 12/18

All Hours


2nd Hour Only

  • 4 Khan Academy Assignments from 4th grade mission.

HW 12/17

Birthday Project Rough Draft needs to be completed! This is the link to the Final Copy Template if you want to type out your numbers and place value language. Click “File” then click “Make A Copy” to edit. If you choose to type, you must have access to your own printer to print it. Otherwise, I am printing a blank copy for everyone. I will hand it out tomorrow.


All Blocks:

  • 100 minutes of Khan Academy PRACTICE MINUTES ONLY will be due Sunday night by 10:00pm. Past 10:00 is too late to be up doing homework. If you split it up, it will only be 20 minutes per night and nothing over the weekend. If you wait until Sunday night, it will be too much. Be sure to check your minutes by clicking on “Profile” then clicking on “Progress”. Minutes will go into the Gradebook each week as a score out of 10. Time spent working on assigned assignments WILL count towards the minutes.
  • IXL Section C: Due Friday
  • IXL Section D: Due Friday
  • IXL Section I.10, I.11, and I.12: Due Friday

2nd Hour Only:

  • 5 Khan Academy Assignments Due TOMORROW: Adding Whole Numbers, Subtracting Whole Numbers, Multiplying by 10s, 100s, and 1000s (3 assignments). NO CALCULATORS ARE ALLOWED ON THESE ASSIGNMENTS. They need to be completed ON PAPER. You will TURN THE PAPER IN TO ME to prove that it was done.

HW 12/14-12/16

  1. STUDY STUDY STUDY!!! FOR YOUR QUIZ MONDAY!! Here is the link to the study guide and solutions in case you were absent or left them in your locker:
    1. Links Here: readyquiz6and7studyguidewithanswers
  2. I posted the IXL sections for next week. Start working on those!
  3. Keep working on the Khan Academy Mission! 60% DUE by end of DECEMBER!! That’s only 16 days from now!! Remember, 55% and higher by MONDAY 12/17/18 are invited to attend the Khan Academy Party before break!! No exceptions or extensions will be offered.
  4. Here is the IXL checklist link. I’ve highlighted the ones that I have assigned already. The new ones for next week have not been highlighted yet.
    1. Links Here: ixlchecklist12-14-18

HW 12/13

  • Complete the Plotting Points that I posted yesterday for extra credit. It is optional extra credit, but the last day to turn it in is tomorrow. The coloring needs to be better on this- no scribbles, no white space!!
  • NEXT WEEK IXL SECTIONS: Section C, Section D, and finish Section I (I.10, I.11, and I.12)
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