Online Course March 16-April 13

Week of March 30 – April 3

  1. i-Ready: By now you should have done a minimum of 12 lessons in your path. You must pass the lesson quiz in order to complete the lesson. Otherwise, it will make you start all over again. You will do 2 assignments that are Teacher Assigned on Tuesday. They are due Tuesday. They have an expiration date. You will do one more Teacher Assigned lesson on Wednesday after the Video Lesson. It is due that day. It has an expiration date.
  2. Google Meet Live Lessons: We will do 2 live lessons this week: Wednesday at 3pm and Friday at 3pm. You must be on time. I will take attendance. You must MUTE your microphone during the teaching portion of the lesson.
  3. Quizzes: There will be 2 quizzes on Friday. One will be about content from last week (Lesson 16) and the other will be about content from this week (Lesson 17).
  4. Khan Academy: You should be working towards 100% of the mission. There are new assignments due this week: Friday by 8pm. They go with the new content that I am teaching Wednesday.
  5. IXL: The starred assignments are for students that are preparing for advanced math.

Week of March 23 – March 27 ** DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY**

  1. i-Ready: Complete 6 NEW i-Ready lessons and quizzes by Friday, March 27th. You will have 12 total (6 from last week, 6 from this week). YOU MUST PASS THE QUIZ IN ORDER TO MOVE ON TO THE NEXT LESSON! If you fail a quiz more than once, it will LOCK YOU OUT of that lesson.
  2. Khan Academy: Work on the Khan Academy Mission. You should be at 80% by the end of this week, 90% by the end of next week, and 100% by the end of the following week (Sunday, April 12).
  3. IXL: I have starred all of the assignments that 6th graders should be able to do. Many of you are preparing for the Advanced Math Placement Test. Completing all of the starred assignments will help students prepare for that test.
  4. Grades: I am submitting report cards for MP3 on Friday, March 27th. All assignments must be completed by then.

Week of March 16-March 20

  • PLAN TO SPEND APPROXIMATELY 30-60 MINUTES 3X PER WEEK ON MATH. Some students may have to spend more time if they are behind.
  • Online Classwork Assignments:
  • iReady through Clever: 
    • This is your individualized path that was created for you after you completed the diagnostic i-Ready test. This will take the place of class time for now.
    • Suggested timeline: Complete 2 lessons per day-3 days per week (30-60 minutes per day)-Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
    • You should have at least 6 lessons completed by Friday 3/20/2020. In order for a lesson to be complete, you must complete and pass the quiz.
    • Lesson Pathway scores will be input into the Gradebook.
  •  Instructions for How to Access i-Ready Lessons and the Quizzes:
    1. Go to
    2. Click on the blue CLEVER button
    3. Scroll all the way down and click on the colorful i-Ready Cube Icon under “More Apps”
    4. If you have completed the Diagnostic Test, your Path will pop up once you click on the icon. 
    5. Begin the lesson. You must submit the lesson and the quiz will follow. 
    6. After completing the quiz, you must submit it in order for the results to save and the teacher to be able to see your score. If you do not submit and save, your progress may be lost. 
    7. There are approximately 30 lessons. Fill up the tank as you complete and pass each assignment. 
    9. To access the next lesson, you must click on the iReady Icon again. 
  • Khan Academy-Mission 100%:  Due by Sunday, April 12, 2020
    • You should complete the white or light blue small mission squares under each unit in your mission skills.  Once each question is answered correctly, that skill will become part of the Mastery Challenge where it will need to be answered correctly again in order to be mastered. Once a skill is mastered, then the small squares will be dark blue under each unit in your mission skills.
    • If you are already on pace (70% or more) to complete 100%, then you should be able to complete 2% of the remaining mission every 2-3 days and be done on time.
    • If you are behind on your mission percentage, then you will need to complete a higher percentage daily to get caught up.
  • Khan Academy: Practice Skills— (these should have already been completed, but I will put in the Gradebook on Friday morning this week) 20 assignments = 200 points total
    • Lesson 12:
      • Interpreting Negative Numbers
      • Negative Numbers on the Number Line
      • Negative Decimals on the Number Line
      • Rational Numbers on the Number Line
      • Number Opposites
      • Negative Symbol as Opposite
      • Number Opposites Challenge
    • Lesson 13:
      • Ordering Small Negative Numbers
      • Ordering Negative Numbers
      • Compare Rational Numbers
      • Negative Numbers, Variables, Number Line
      • Writing Numerical Inequalities
      • Finding Absolute Values
      • Compare and Order Absolute Values
      • Comparing Absolute Values Challenge
      • Interpreting Absolute Value
    • Lesson 14:
      • Points on the Coordinate Plane
      • Quadrants on the Coordinate Plane
      • Distance Between Points: Vertical or Horizontal
      • Coordinate Plane Problems in All Four Quadrants
    • Lesson 15: (Were due 2 weeks ago and received 60 points for 100%)
      • Exponents Basic
      • Exponents
      • Powers of Fractions
      • Order of Operations No Exponents
      • Order of Operations
      • Order of Operations Challenge
  • IXL: Practice Skills—(these will need to be completed by the end of the week as they were given out two weeks ago, many of them should have already been completed) 39 assignments = 390 points
    • Lesson 12: (3 assignments)
      • M1, M3-New!
      • P7
    • Lesson 13: (17 assignments)
      • F4, F8, F5
      • I7, I15
      • M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M9
      • P1-New!, P2, P3, P4
      • T9
  • Lesson 14: (8 assignments)
    • X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6
    • DD4, DD8
  • Lesson 15: (11 assignments)
    • D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6
    • O4, O6, O9
    • Y9, Y10
  • Assignment Accountability: 
    • I will be calling parents of students not completing their assignments.
    • Students must complete all assignments.
    • All assignments will be graded and posted in the Gradebook. 
    • Gradebook will be updated for parents and students to monitor their progress and grades. 
    • Card marking ends March 27, 2020
  • Use the link below to access information regarding free internet access through Comcast:

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