Feb, 2020


This weekend:

1 Khan Assignment and the green pages in the Instruction Book from Lesson 11 pgs. 112-115.

February Break

Nothing additional. Work on Khan Mission if you have time. Mission should be at 70% by the end of February. It will be put in as a test grade. It would also be good to complete any missing assignments on Khan and IXL if you would like me to update your current grade. Enjoy your break!

Reminder: Assignments from Lessons 10 and 11

As a reminder, the following assignments are/were due. Lesson 10 was due last Friday, after students had over 2 weeks and plenty of class time to work on them. Lesson 11 is due tomorrow after students had a whole week and plenty of class time to work on them. If you are behind, here are the two half sheets:

  1. Lesson 10: Multiply and Divide Decimals
  2. Standards: 6.NS.B.3
    1. Khan Academy:
      • Multiplying Decimals like 4×0.6 (7 questions)
      • Multiplying Decimals like 2.45×3.6 (7 questions)
      • Multiplying Decimals like 0.847×3.54 (4 questions)
      • Dividing Whole Numbers like 56/35 to get a decimal (7 questions)
      • Dividing Decimals: Hundredths (4 questions)
      • Dividing Decimals: Thousandths (4 questions)
    2. IXL:
      • Multiply decimals (H2)
      • Divide decimals by whole numbers (H4)
      • Divide decimals by whole numbers: word problems (H5)
      • Multiply and divide decimals by powers of ten (H6)
      • Division with decimal quotients (H7)
      • Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two decimals (O4)
      • Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two decimals: word problems (O5)
      • Estimate products of decimal numbers (H1)
      • Multiply money by whole numbers and decimals (U4)
      • Multiply money: word problems (U5)
      • Divide money amounts (U6)
      • Divide money amounts: word problems (U7)
    3. Practice Book Fluency: pgs. 371 – 376
  3. Lesson 11: Common Factors and Multiples
    1. Khan Academy:
      • Least Common Multiple (4 questions)
      • Greatest Common Factor (7 questions)
      • GCF & LCM Word Problems (7 questions)
      • Factor with Distributive Property (no variables) (7 questions)
    2. IXL:
      • Identify factors (E4)
      • Find all factor pairs of a number (E4-New!)
      • Greatest common factor (E7)
      • Least common multiple (E9)
      • GCF and LCM: word problems (E11)
      • Prime factorization (E5)
    3. Practice Book Fluency: pgs. 377 – 380

Materials Update

Many students are running low on supplies. Over break, please be sure to replenish your math supplies with the following items:

  • At least 5 pencils
  • Sharpener with cap
  • Erasers
  • Expo Markers
  • Eraser for Whiteboard
  • Colored Pencils
  • Hi-lighters
  • Lined Paper for binder
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Your own calculator
  • Optional red pens, extra notebooks, etc.

All of these supplies need to be contained in a single pencil pouch– no boxes. Students may only have ONE pencil pouch containing all supplies. It is unacceptable for a student to be leaving the classroom to go and retrieve supplies from their locker. Students will be awarded 100 participation points after break if they come to class with all of their supplies consistently for one week. Students must also obey all of the rules of the supplies in order to keep their points.


Suggested homework timeline for this week:

  • Monday:
    • Khan Academy- Least Common Multiple (4 questions),
    • Khan Academy- Greatest Common Factor (4 questions), &
    • Khan Academy- Factor with Distributive Property (no variables) (7 questions)
  • Tuesday:
    • IXL- E4,
    • IXL- E4-New!, &
    • IXL E5
  • Wednesday:
    • IXL- E7 &
    • IXL- E9
  • Thursday:
    • Khan Academy- GCF & LCM Word Problems (7 questions) &
    • IXL- E11


Monday: Complete the first 3 IXL assignments from the half sheet, if you have not done so already. They are: H2, H4, and H5.

Tuesday: H6, H7, O4. Advanced students, please start working on IXL Section CC. Faceing Math Activity is also due tomorrow.

Wednesday: O5, H1, U4

Thursday: U5, U6, U7

Friday: We are taking the Lesson 10 Ready Test on story problems for multiplying and dividing decimals! Be ready!

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