March 31, 2020

Tuesday 3/31

Today: Go to i-Ready through Clever and complete the two i-Ready assignments that I have assigned for you: “Numerical Expressions and Order of Operations” & “Algebraic Expressions”. You must pass the quiz at the end of each lesson for credit. THEY MUST BE COMPLETED TODAY. I set the lessons to expire at the end of the day today.

If you are behind in the 12 “My Path” lessons, do that as well.

Google Meet Video Class will be Wednesday at 3. You must be on time. I am taking attendance.

If you did not read the notes on my Google Classroom, do that as well. Leave a comment below the notes that you have read them.

Continue to work on Khan Mission. We need to reach 100% mastery. Those of you that have not been on Khan in a while, your mission percentage is dropping.

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