March 30, 2020

Monday 3/30

Card Marking 4! Already! Wow! New Card Marking, New YOU!

All students MUST be completing ALL WORK. It is required by our school. If you do not have access to a computer, please email me immediately. I will be reporting students that are not completing their work to Mrs. Younes, Mr. Bazzi, and Ms. Fawaz.

This week:

Today: Work on Khan Mission. I will assign the things that we will be learning on Wednesday. You may try them in advance. Go to my Google Classroom and read the Lesson 17 notes. Comment on the post that you have read the notes when you are finished.

Tomorrow: Go to i-Ready through Clever and complete the two i-Ready assignments that I have assigned for you: “Numerical Expressions and Order of Operations” & “Algebraic Expressions”. You must pass the quiz at the end of each lesson for credit.

Wednesday: Online Class from 3:00pm-4:00pm. I will be holding a virtual lesson on Google Meet for all of the math classes. I will post the code to the chat right before it is time to start. I will be TAKING ATTENDANCE and recording students that do not attend. I will be teaching Lesson 17 from the book, providing practice problems, and requiring an exit ticket and follow up quiz.

During the Meet, all students must be MUTED. You will be listening to and watching the lesson for approximately 20 minutes. Then, you will get to practice on your own. The Meet is NOT time for private conversations or off-topic questions. There will be time for students to type their questions about the lesson at the end of the presentation.

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