Thursday 3/19

Hi guys! Hope everyone is safe and healthy!

GOAL FOR TODAY: FINISH THE 6 I-READY LESSONS. Then, get caught up on the Khan Academy and IXL Lessons.

As always, if you need help, get stuck, or have questions, please send me an email! 🙂

For students without a computer, PLEASE READ:

Lowrey School will be distributing Chromebooks to families in order to support their child’s Remote Learning. Each Chromebook was checked and cleaned by admin and personnel to ensure that they are safe to be used. Please note that Chromebooks need a working internet connection.   If your family does not have a working computer and is in need of a Chromebook, then please come to Lowrey’s main doors, tomorrow Thursday March 19th between times of 11:30am to 3pm. 
One chromebook per household! 
 All parents will need to sign a consent form to insure Chromebooks will be returned in the same condition they were given. All parents and students are responsible for the Chromebooks. They must be returned once students return to school. 


How does i-Ready Work? What assignments am I supposed to complete?

When you took the diagnostic test, i-Ready gave you a score and created a path for you. The path is made up of lessons and quizzes. After each lesson, there is a quiz. You must pass the quiz in order to move on to the next lesson. The next lesson will be a new topic with a new quiz. For this week, I assigned 6 of these. So you would do this 6 times.

Is i-Ready the same for each student?

No. The diagnostic test determines at what level the students can answer questions on their own. Therefore, for every lesson in the path, the students should NOT need any help from parents, siblings, or anyone else. The path is tailored to meet the needs of that specific student. Some students might have a path that starts off with Number and Operations and other students might have a path that starts off with Geometry. Every student has strengths in different areas, and the path is made for that.

Which Khan Academy Assignments do I do this week?

Click on PAST assignments. Remember there is a little arrow at the bottom that goes to the next page. There were a total of 20 assignments that were assigned over a 3-week span and 6 from the week prior. That’s 26 assignments divided by 4 weeks = about 7 assignments per week = 1 per day! (Each assignment has only 4-7 questions! Easy peasy!)

Do I do ALL of the starred IXL? Or just the ones in the list that was posted?

Just the ones in the list for now (Lessons 12-15). I starred all of the lessons that 6th graders should have completed by the end of the year for those students that would like to get ahead in their work.

What percent do we need to get to for Khan? What about IXL?

The usual 100% per Khan Academy assignment. We are also aiming for 100% of the mission by the end of April. For IXL, the usual 80% is fine, but don’t spend hours and hours on one single assignment. If you are stuck on an assignment, send me and email and I will send you an explanation like one I would give if I were sitting right next to you. (Virtual teaching, cool!)

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