January 17

Parent Meetings & Activities

The state of Michigan legislation requires GSRP preschool classes to provide active and continuous participation of parents of currently enrolled preschool children. In Dearborn Public Schools, we do this by hosting a parent meeting, a field trip, or other parent-child activity once per month.

At the beginning of this current school year, each parent signed a paper stating they agree to come to all of the meetings/events – and that in the event they are not able to attend (i.e. work schedule, illness, etc…) they will send another responsible adult in their place. This paper also included the time and date for every event for the entirety of the current school year.

In order for children to be successful in school, it is extremely important to have healthy connections between school and home. During these meetings and activities, I strive to provide all of my families with the most up-to-date, factual, information along with hands-on engaging and simple activities you can replicate at home to strengthen your child’s learning.

These meetings/activities are just an important as one-on-one parent/teacher conferences. During these sessions, we discuss what the children are currently working on and learning about at school. We create new and updated learning goals for your children during this time.

Your children are excited to share their world with you – and they do this by having you come into our classroom to spend time with them, side by side, learning. Your child needs your help – in addition to mine – to be the most successful they can be.

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