Smart Vs. Duh by Aliana Khaili

Coronavirus hit in late December which was very effective on students and working employees.

Online school was started on March 28th after schools were shut down on March 15th. Online school is a way of learning remotely through computers and technology to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Around 58% of students are currently learning online while another 18% is learning hybrid which is a mix of both online and in-person school. Many articles state that students are falling behind and are going to have a lot of catching up to do in the years to come.

Grades dropped in the switch from in-person to online school and most students say it’s not learning, it’s just trying to turn in assignments before 11:59 pm.  Students have become more stressed out and find it harder to focus on online school. Fatime Khalil, a freshman at Fordson Highschool explained, “That my household is very busy and loud which makes it hard for me to focus.”

Hatch High School reported 79% of students were failing at least one class during the first marking period of the year. Another school in St. Paul Minnesota had double the F’s this year than a typical school year. Unfortunately, this means online school isn’t working for a lot of students, and need to get back to in-person learning.

CoronaVirus has left many students and teachers not knowing what to do and how to adjust to this new lifestyle. Malek Khalil, a sixth-grader at Unis Middle  school stated, “That it’s especially hard for people that just transferred to a new school because it makes it even harder to adjust.”

Jad Khalil, the parent of four kids added, “He worries about leaving for work all day when his kids are home alone because he thinks something bad could happen when he’s not there.” It is also very hard for parents to leave their children at home 5 times a week all day while they go and work.

In conclusion, many students say that it is very hard for them to be keeping up with school and are not learning as much as they were with the in-person school. Many parents also believe that they should be able to go to work and not worry about something happening to their kids all day while they are home alone. 

Hopefully, schools will find a way to open back up and help these students and parents out.

Aliana Khaili

8th grade Journalism

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