Finding A Safe Space

Bullying, a type of act or force someone does to another to make them do something or just tease them. Bullying can happen anywhere, especially in school. Students face real hard pressure, once entering the school, worrying if anybody is going to say anything about what you wear, the way you talk, the way you comprehend things, can all be judged and made fun of by one single person, partner, or group.

An 8th grader girl, attending Unis Middle School, is a victim of bullying. “When someone bullies you, it feels like a bullet got shot through your heart, it continues it never stops, you’re basically miserable.” stated the student. She has to deal with this every single day. “I don’t think the bullies have anything against me. They just have anger issues, I guess, and puts it all out on me.”  Usually, especially in middle school, students will just either handle the bullying, take it all in, or just have a adult deal with this. “I go to our middle school counselor, Ms.Wilkie, and talk to her about it, she sometimes gathers everyone that bullies me and talk it out, she just tells me to ignore them.”

She isn’t the only one who also gets bullied, Alex Alburkat, a 7th grader who also attends Unis Middle school, also deals with the bullying that happens all the time. “I get really mad when someone comes up to me and says something really rude to me, i can’t control my anger so instead of the bully get in trouble, i do.”
He too explains how there isn’t anything bullies have against him to bully him, “I’m really confused, I mean, I don’t do anything wrong, but I guess bullies just bully for the fun of it.” “ I think telling an adult would just make it worse for me, so I just deal with it myself.” Alex deals with this everyday, it’s hard for him to stand up to so many bullies. Alex has agreed to talk to a teacher or counselor to resolve the issue.

    Ali Farhat, another 7th grader who goes to Unis Middle School is also a victim of bullying. He says he experiences this very harshly throughout his whole middle school year. “Dealing with it is very hard to do, I try to tell an adult, but the bullies don’t really listen.” He states that he is trying his best to ignore it. “Bullying is a very ridiculous thing people do, it’s a waste of time, I can’t believe people take the time to bully someone, so they can make themselves happy.” Ali sounds very confused because of this ridiculous act.

In conclusion, from all the interviews we can see that bullying  isnt just for fun. Kids and teens are experiencing this every single day, for no special reason at all. Students need to let an adult who cares know So the bullying will stop.  No one deserves to be harassed or picked on.  Everyone deserves respect.

Middle School Journalist,

Dalia Farhat

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