The American Melting Pot

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The famous words on the tablet of the Statue of Liberty say, Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. America is described as a melting pot, where many different types of people from different cultures were invited to live and become productive members of society. 

In the summer of 2017, four women, from the No More Deaths Foundation who volunteered to give food and water to immigrants in the desert, were arrested and convicted of a misdemeanor crime in 2019.

On the Mexican border, people are trying to get into the U.S.illegally.  When they are caught, they are put into a camp, basically a prison.

The four women thought that the young people of Mexico were dying of hunger. They gave them food and the border patrol agents caught them.  The worst part is that the food didn’t even get delivered to the children. The border patrol agents threw that food away.

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The Washington Post shows a video of the border patrol agents throwing the food and water for the immigrants away ( 

Adam Abduljabbar, an 8th-grade student at Unis Middle School thinks,” Personally, I think the women should not be charged or even worse, go to prison. But the guards have a point. They guard the border to not let any danger cross the border. So they might’ve thought that the food was helping the immigrants have the strength to cross the border and break the law.  So they threw it away.”

Lots of people agree with Adam. Other people say that it is just food, they can’t throw it like that. Ali Mourtada, an 8th-grade student at Unis Middle School, opposes Adam’s thought, “The border patrol agents should not be able to do this because the children are dying of hunger. They know better than to do that.” Lots of people can agree with that too. The foundation just wanted to help and be kind-hearted people.”

8th grader, Ahmad Seif claims,” I think that is screwed up that they did this. The people that they were giving it to really needed that food.” He also continues,” I don’t think the women should be charged because the people at the border are going to die. Someone had to feed them.”

That is easily agreeable by anyone. Nothing shows that the government or even a border patrol agent is spending any money on their needs. No one is giving them food. The people that see how they feel are not giving them. While the people that don’t see how they feel are trying their best and they are investing money in giving them food.

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Razan Alfurati, another 8th grader at Unis Middle School, had a word to say. “These people that claim to be agents, don’t care about the kids. To be honest, I don’t think these helping women should be charged. We need more people like this to stand up for the right thing. These people are not afraid to go against the bad side and the stronger side.”

Razan also continues about the patrol agents,” These agents have no heart. They did this because they want these innocent people of Mexico to suffer.”

Razan isn’t the only one that thinks that. Adam restates,” These 4 women shouldn’t be charged because they are just caring for the children.”

With all these different views, I believe the majority of people think that the 4 women shouldn’t have been charged at all.   The Biden/Harris Administration (2020-2024) is working to find conflict resolution for the current Tex-Mex border control issues.

Humanity is being part of the human race.  Being humane means having compassion and caring for other humans.  Saving other humans from death shouldn’t t be a crime.

Mohamad Almodhafar (updated by Nasreen Alriashi 2021)

Migration, Integration, Migrants, Merge

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