It’s Getting A “Lil” Too Easy

In 2019, social media has been a place where young people have been going viral for most likely nothing. Recently, this 10-year-old girl, Taylor Cosgrove, aka “Lil Tay”, has been what people on social media are talking about. She’s known as the “Youngest flexer of the century”. She is showing off “her” richness and brags about how she has so much money. With all this, a lot of people disagree with what she is doing and have some words against her.

“They are supporting her. Also, they are careless and they don’t care what the generation after them will look like. They don’t care whether their kids have bright futures and go on the right path.

” Stated Adam Abduljabbar, an 8th grader at Unis Middle School.

He doesn’t agree with how Lil Tay is acting and how society is fighting back. Even though a lot of people don’t agree with her, they are not doing anything to show that. Their voices aren’t being heard by this young rapper. They are not making sure that their children are going the right way.

Also, Ahmad Rubaii, a student at Unis Middle School had some words against her. “She is not even getting this money. This is all from her parents.”Saying that he added,” She is not doing anything to get this money. This 10-year-old girl is showing off money and properties that aren’t even hers.”

Ahmad is not alone in his opinion. Hasen Alghazaly, an 8th grader at Unis Middle School, had something to say. “Society can put an end to this little girl.” He also added,” We can stop her by not giving her any attention.”

A lot of people agree with him. She is getting stronger and stronger by getting views. If we don’t give her any attention society can stop her.

So with the mixed emotions on the Lil Tay situation and how kids are becoming famous for the wrong reasons, we can at least say that these kids have the wrong perspective on social media. They should be monitored. I mean, if it’s that easy, we all should hold up a whole bunch of money and make up stupid catchphrases. Society can put an end to her and lead her, and a bunch of other young rappers in the right way.

Written by: Haydar Moustafa

Co-written by: Mohamad Almodhafar

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this and understanding a little bit more on what happened. I think that she does this for the views and doesn’t care if the money is for her or her parents. I heard that her mom got fired because Lil tay kicked her moms bosses car. Her mom was the one recording her.

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