Leaving The Military

In 1990 Timothy Smedley chose to fight for the United States and serve in the U.S military. He chose to be in the military in order to fight for his country and to have extra money and to pay for college.


Smedley served as a  Sergeant in the Marine Corps, his job was an ammunition technician and a radio operator.


Even though he had some friends that thought to be in the military was a mistake and was crazy but his family still supported him all the way.  


Some of his friends thought to be in the military was a mistake and all around the crazy idea, his family still supported him all the way.


Smedley dealt with some tragic moments during his time in the military, thankfully he hadn’t suffered mentally from these events.“If it was up to me I will go back to the military but not in the front line, in a different position” Smedley stated.


“I’ve never had second thoughts of being in the military but I really enjoy being a teacher and glad I got to experience both.”, Smedley expressed. The reason why Timothy stopped to work for the military was that his dream job was always to be a teacher and educate children.”


“Being in the military are opposite jobs because different things happen, you’re learning and experiencing different things. The most tragic thing that’s ever happened to me in a classroom was once a kid threw a desk at me while I was working at a jail in Detroit and the most tragic thing that’s happened in the military was that someone committed suicide on the rifle range.” In 1998 Timothy became a U.S. history teacher. He eventually went on to work at Unis Middle School. Smedley has loved his job ever since.

-Zahra Bazzi

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