Fight For Equality

Some say that women need rights equal to men, other say women belong in the kitchen. Women’s rights activists have been speaking up since the early 1800’s. Susan B. Anthony started around 1850, starting her journey about how men and women should go to school together, and there isn’t a difference between the two genders.

Today there are many women’s rights groups, each fighting for the many rights women need, like equal payment. In 1960, a woman’s average yearly payment was about $21,000 while the man’s average yearly payment was about $36,000. That is a $15,000 difference. American Civil Liberties Union says women earn 78 cents for every dollar a man earns. “It is something we push as one of our top initiatives, and we are working on getting women and men to get the same pay for the same work.” says Natalie Trassi, employee at Michigan Women’s foundation. In 2013, reported that there is about $471 weekly earing difference for educational administrators. Many women’s rights organizations are trying to get the gender payment gap to disappear.

Gender discrimination is also being found in schools too. During the 19th century, single-sex schools were very common, but slowly started going away. There are over 1,000 same-sex schools in the United States alone. Although Anthony fought for this right back in 1850, it is still happening around schools. “In some situations I think it’s appropriate for some classes to be separated, but we do try to help women excel as entrepreneurs.” said Natalie.

Gender inequality is also happening in the government. Right now only 17% of Congress are women.”I feel women should be more involved,” says Natalie,”here at Michigan Women’s Foundation, we try to inspire the next generation so they can be leaders in the future.” After fighting for the right the women needed for a long time, Jeannette Pickering Rankin became the first women to be part of Congress on May 18, 1973.

Women have gained more rights over the years. “Susan B. Anthony did an incredible thing by fighting for the right to vote and it’s a huge thing because now women have a say in the world.” says Natalie. “I’m happy to see that the younger generations are starting to take an interest. I hope that soon the gender payment gap will soon go away.” Women have gained a lot more rights in the past years, and still are earning more and more.

Ayat Alsabkha

Unis Middle School Journalist

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  1. I think it’s amazing how far gender equality has gone, but, of course, the problem is still there. Men and women should be treated equally, there is no reason for women to be paid $0.75 for every dollar a man makes. Single sex schools have been and are slowly going away, but they are still present. Women should get more involved with things.

    Rehab Jadallah 7th

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