Back to the Future: E=mc2

E = mc 2 is used in our daily lives almost every day. Any time we are converting atoms and molecules into energy this formula is called upon. Many people wonder how this formula came to be and how it affected the world. To all this questions there is only one answer, Albert Einstein.


Albert Einstein is a famous theoretical physicist which discovered the formula E = mc 2 to measure the amount of energy. In this formula E is energy, M is mass of the atom/molecule, and C is the speed of light. This is only one of Einstein’s famous discoveries. Albert also discovered that splitting atoms could create an extremely dangerous and explosive weapon, the atomic bomb. Einstein couldn’t have done this without his formula and splitting atoms.


During Albert Einstein’s time he revolutionized the world with his discoveries. His creation of the atomic bomb mainly changed day to day life by creating a weapon of high levels of destruction in which we used against Japan during WWII. When the Nobel Prize winning Einstein found out about the destruction he vowed to use his study’s for only good. Stephen Hawking, also a theoretical physicist agreed that the destruction of Japan left the country devastated forever. “Science should never be used to harm someone, nevertheless a whole country” said Hawking.


Today Einstein’s discoveries and creation affect us in many ways. These include weapons, engineering, and further scientific research. Today the world uses atomic bombs as defense and war. Einstein’s famous equation E = mc 2 is used for measuring all sorts of energy using atoms and molecules. Some of the smartest people alive today use Einstein’s formula of energy. Stephen Hawking, the quadriplegic, uses the energy equation in every one of his theories and books including a bread history of time. Albert Einstein truly changed the way of our lives today.


Albert Einstein is a true role model of any kind. Einstein revolutionized war, Science, and discovering. Albert Einstein is the true meaning of a Noble Prize. Einstein will never be forgotten.

Hussein Chami

Unis Middle School Journalist

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