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Important Message about Fragrance-Free School/Classrooms

Important Message about Fragrance-Free School/Classrooms

Hello Staff. Students and Parents!!


Here is a very important message from our Principal about Howe being a fragrance-free school.  Please do your best to remember not to use/wear scented products when entering Howe school as this could trigger severe allergies and allergic reactions.   Like all classrooms, the Music Room is designated as a fragrance-free room.  This includes during and after-school.  Thank you!


Greetings Howe School Families,

I am reaching out to all of you to ask your assistance with providing a safe environment for a member of our Howe School community who has developed a serious allergy to fragrances often found in personal care products, perfumes, colognes, lotions, and scented sanitizers or cleaning products.  Contact with these scents, even in small amounts can cause serious and adverse health effects. As a result, Howe School will now be designated as a fragrance-free school.

As a district, and as a school, we have put in place measures to assist with this situation, and are asking that all the students and staff refrain from wearing scented lotions, colognes, and perfumes during or after the school day. In the event that a student or staff member forgets and wears a scent, they will be asked to leave the classroom until the situation is resolved. The safety and well being of our staff and students is our priority. We sincerely appreciate your efforts to make Howe School a designated fragrance-free school!

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Fournier if you have questions or would like any information about fragrance allergies.

With Respect,


Tammy Fournier

Principal/Special Education Coordinator


Field Trip to Rackham Auditorium Ann Arbor

Field Trip to Rackham Auditorium Ann Arbor

Today Ms. Harden took the After-school Drumming and Honors Choir Students on a field trip to see A FAR CRY and A ROOMFUL OF TEETH musical groups. This spe ial concert was held at Rackham Auditorium in Ann Arbor. Everyone had a great time at the concert! Next, we drove through downtown Ann Arbor for a little site seeing and ate our lunches at a local park on this beautiful day.




Concert season will be upon us before you know it! Here is a list of concerts, performances and other events that are scheduled so far. Keep checking back for updates!

February 9 4th grade field trip, Dearborn Symphony Orchestra
Ford Community and Performing Arts Center

February 28 Ms. Harden’s Birthday!

February 28 3rd Grade Music Tournament in cafeteria 10:30am

March 2 Honors Choir sing National Anthem at Edsel Ford High
School Basketball Game 7pm

April 12 Honors Choir/After School Drummers (WBPE) Field Trip
to UMS Performance Of A ROOMFUL OF TEETH, Rackham
Auditorium, Ann Arbor All Day

May 10 2:30p.m. Instrumental Music Concert Band/Orchestra/Drumming

May 11 Moms and Muffins Concert Kinder 9:30 (Harden)

Moms and Muffins Concert 2nd grade 10:30am (Harden)

<May 11 5p.m. Potluck Dinner Performance Honors Choir soloists/Grade 3 (Frederick and Mills)/WBPE Drumming
Club (Tuesday group)
strong>May 12 Moms and Muffins Concert 3rd grade 10:00am (Harden)

May 15 Moms and Muffins Concert 4th/5th grade 9:30am (Harden/Holmes/Conway)

Moms and Muffins Concert 1st grade 2:30am (Harden)

TBA Feeder Concert at Fordson High School TBA

WBPE First Composition of 2017!

WBPE First Composition of 2017!

Our WBPE members came together for the first rehearsal of 2017 inspired and ready to work! They sat down and immediately got to work creating two new pieces of music that are sure to be crowd pleasers!

Also, our drummers will be taking their composition, writing an original story to compliment the music, illustrate it, create a powerpoint, and present it at one of our concerts later this year. Miller drummers are doing great things!

Ali Baz Audition piece for the WBPE World Beat Performance Ensemble

Ali Baz Audition piece for the WBPE World Beat Performance Ensemble



W.B.P.E. Field Trip to see Musician Simon Shaheen!

W.B.P.E. Field Trip to see Musician Simon Shaheen!

simon shaheen

Great News!  The Miller Elementary W.B.P.E. after-school drummers have the incredible opportunity to attend a Concert to see musician Simon Shaheen and ZAFIR on April 15, 2016 at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, MI.  Here is a description of the concert and a sample of his music from the UMS website:

Simon Shaheen brings to life the Arab music of Al-Andalus (Spain) and blends it with the ubiquitous art of flamenco in Zafir (wind), a program of instrumental and vocal music and dance that renews a relationship with music from a thousand years ago. Zafir explores the commonalities of music born in the cultural centers of Iraq and Syria that blew like the wind across the waters of the Mediterranean to Spain, where it blended with elements of Spanish music before being brought back across the seas to North Africa, where it flourished in the cities of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Cost:  $12 covers the ticket and transportation

Money and Permission Slip Due: Before Friday April 8.  Please give all monies and permission slips to Ms. Harden.


See more at:


W.B.P.E. Outstanding 5th Grade Student 2014-2015

W.B.P.E. Outstanding 5th Grade Student 2014-2015

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 5th Grade winner of the World Beat Performance Ensemble Outstanding Student Award, Mashaer Abdulmalik!  We are so proud of you Mashaer and can’t wait to see what great things await you in the future!  Great job and keep drumming.  We will miss you and you will always be a Mustang!

Drum Award 2015

Drum Award Mashaer 2015