Concert season will be upon us before you know it! Here is a list of concerts, performances and other events that are scheduled so far. Keep checking back for updates!

February 9 4th grade field trip, Dearborn Symphony Orchestra
Ford Community and Performing Arts Center

February 28 Ms. Harden’s Birthday!

February 28 3rd Grade Music Tournament in cafeteria 10:30am

March 2 Honors Choir sing National Anthem at Edsel Ford High
School Basketball Game 7pm

April 12 Honors Choir/After School Drummers (WBPE) Field Trip
to UMS Performance Of A ROOMFUL OF TEETH, Rackham
Auditorium, Ann Arbor All Day

May 10 2:30p.m. Instrumental Music Concert Band/Orchestra/Drumming

May 11 Moms and Muffins Concert Kinder 9:30 (Harden)

Moms and Muffins Concert 2nd grade 10:30am (Harden)

<May 11 5p.m. Potluck Dinner Performance Honors Choir soloists/Grade 3 (Frederick and Mills)/WBPE Drumming
Club (Tuesday group)
strong>May 12 Moms and Muffins Concert 3rd grade 10:00am (Harden)

May 15 Moms and Muffins Concert 4th/5th grade 9:30am (Harden/Holmes/Conway)

Moms and Muffins Concert 1st grade 2:30am (Harden)

TBA Feeder Concert at Fordson High School TBA

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  1. Thanks Mrs. Harden! Also a nice event I want to make you aware of is called “My Emperor’s New Clothes” by Larry Shue. It is a very fun musical show and it will be held on the 26th of March at the Dearborn Arts and Performing Center. Both my kids Elyas and Jumana Abbas are participating on it.

    Once they publish the announcement, I can share it with you.


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