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  1. hi welcome back I miss you so much and don’t forget about Friday and their is drumming tomorrow right .I cant wait I am totally going and I am sure that every drummer will be there. see you tomorrow. don’t forget you the best teacher on earth.

    • You can access the Google Classroom by going to your school email. Open the google page, click on gmail, sign-in with your own email address and password (you may have to click sign in with another account and add account). Once you have accessed your inbox, click on the email invitation from me and it will take you to the classroom.

      Good luck!

  2. hi mrs harden how have you been i just wanted to say that thank you for all the music you have been teaching me. the best thing you have ever tought me is RECORDER the beginning thought i would never get a black belt but i did thank you so much. ever since i started 5th grade on the first day of school i was made frainds with the hole class my whole life changed like i was going to join banned but i herd this rockstar Bon Jovi so i got an electric guitar and now i can play gitar thank you far evrything

    scincerely AliBeidoun

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