W.B.P.E. Field Trip to see Musician Simon Shaheen!

W.B.P.E. Field Trip to see Musician Simon Shaheen!

simon shaheen

Great News!  The Miller Elementary W.B.P.E. after-school drummers have the incredible opportunity to attend a Concert to see musician Simon Shaheen and ZAFIR on April 15, 2016 at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, MI.  Here is a description of the concert and a sample of his music from the UMS website:


Simon Shaheen brings to life the Arab music of Al-Andalus (Spain) and blends it with the ubiquitous art of flamenco in Zafir (wind), a program of instrumental and vocal music and dance that renews a relationship with music from a thousand years ago. Zafir explores the commonalities of music born in the cultural centers of Iraq and Syria that blew like the wind across the waters of the Mediterranean to Spain, where it blended with elements of Spanish music before being brought back across the seas to North Africa, where it flourished in the cities of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Cost:  $12 covers the ticket and transportation

Money and Permission Slip Due: Before Friday April 8.  Please give all monies and permission slips to Ms. Harden.


See more at: https://ums.org/performance/k12-zafir-simon-shaheen/#sthash.MvHDoQOY.dpuf


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