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Mark your calendars…concert season is approaching!


MARCH 19, 2019  4th Grade Field Trip Dearborn Symphony Concert
                                    Depart Howe:  9:15 a.m.  Ford Community and Performing Arts Center
                                    Return to Howe:  11:00 a.m.  (Staff chaperones only)


APRIL 18, 2019  GR  K-1 Spring Concert “Friendship”  3:00 pm  GYM


MAY 20, 2019   GR 4-5 Instrumental Music Concert 9 a.m.  (Students and Parents invited)

4th Grade Recorders

5th Grade Band

5th Grade Strings

Howe Drumming Club


Concert Dress: 

Nice pants, skirts or dress.  

Nice shirt.

Nice shoes.

Preferred:  No shorts, jeans, t-shirts or gym shoes. 


MAY 29, 2019  Honors Choir Performances – Musical:  “The Noble Gnarble”
                          1:45 p.m.    Center Based Students  (Show Cast #1)
                          2:40 p.m.    Montessori Students  (Show Cast #2)
                         4:00 p.m.      Parents and Community   (Show Cast #1)


Concert Dress:  Students will be in show costumes.  Will need black pants.


JUNE 7, 2019  GR  2-5  Montessori Cultural Play  “Africa”  1:30 p.m.  GYM
                                     (The Howe Drum Club will also be performing)


Important Message about Fragrance-Free School/Classrooms

Important Message about Fragrance-Free School/Classrooms

Hello Staff. Students and Parents!!


Here is a very important message from our Principal about Howe being a fragrance-free school.  Please do your best to remember not to use/wear scented products when entering Howe school as this could trigger severe allergies and allergic reactions.   Like all classrooms, the Music Room is designated as a fragrance-free room.  This includes during and after-school.  Thank you!


Greetings Howe School Families,

I am reaching out to all of you to ask your assistance with providing a safe environment for a member of our Howe School community who has developed a serious allergy to fragrances often found in personal care products, perfumes, colognes, lotions, and scented sanitizers or cleaning products.  Contact with these scents, even in small amounts can cause serious and adverse health effects. As a result, Howe School will now be designated as a fragrance-free school.

As a district, and as a school, we have put in place measures to assist with this situation, and are asking that all the students and staff refrain from wearing scented lotions, colognes, and perfumes during or after the school day. In the event that a student or staff member forgets and wears a scent, they will be asked to leave the classroom until the situation is resolved. The safety and well being of our staff and students is our priority. We sincerely appreciate your efforts to make Howe School a designated fragrance-free school!

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Fournier if you have questions or would like any information about fragrance allergies.

With Respect,


Tammy Fournier

Principal/Special Education Coordinator


Fatima Almosawi – Recorder Soloist!!

Fatima Almosawi – Recorder Soloist!!

5th Grade student Fatima Almosawi had the distinguished honor of playing onstage with the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra as a recorder soloist! The music she played was the Ode To Joy from the 9th Symphony of composer Ludwig Van Beethoven.

The concert took place at 9:45am on Feb. 9, 2017 in the Michael Guido Theater of the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center. The concert hall was filled with 4th grade students from all over Dearborn for this wonderful pedogogical concert. Great job to Fatima Mr. Jim Walters, conductor Kypros Marku and the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra!

Ms. Harden and Ms. Conway

Mr. Walters having fun with the crowd.

4th Graders to attend Dearborn Symphony Orchestra Concert!

4th Graders to attend Dearborn Symphony Orchestra Concert!

Fourth grade students all across the disctirct will once again have the amazing opportunity to attend a concert put on by the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra! This year the concert will take place on February 9, 2017 at the Ford Performing ARts Center, Michael Guido Theater. Students will be learning a little bit about each piece that they will hear before attending the concert. If you want them to get a head start in their learning, here are a few things that you can look up online:

Brass Instrument Family
String Instrument Family
Woodwind Instrument Family
Percussion Instrument Family
Symphony Concert Etiquette

Recorder Method

Recorder Method

recorder-with-beltsRecorder Method (CLICK HERE)

Please use this Recorder Method to practice at home. Stop and start the video as needed. Go back and practice as needed. You are welcome to practice as many of these exercises as you would like. The more the better! Make sure that you can play an exercise without mistakes before going on to the next one.

1. Cover the correct holes completely
2. Blow with warm, gentle air.
3. Left hand always on the top.
4. Shaded in holes mean to cover them with your finger
5. Holes not shaded in are left open
5. Use a very light tongue (ta) on the beginning of each note

Getting a screeching sound? Check to make sure your holes are completely covered and that you are blowing gentle, warm air. The recorder is not meant to be a loud sounding instrument. Do you best to get the best sound you can. Your mom and dad will appreciate it! 🙂



Asma Mused onstage with the Dearborn Symphony

Asma Mused onstage with the Dearborn Symphony

Fourth Grader Asma Mused was selected to play the recorder onstage with the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra for the 2015 Children’s Concert!  All of the Fourth Grade students from every Elementary School in Dearborn were invited to attend.  Asma (and her parents) also attended an evening rehearsal with the Symphony to prepare for this awesome event at the Michael Guido Theater in the Community and Performing Arts Center.  What an honor!  We are all so proud of you Asma!

Click below for the video:

Recorder Beethoven 2015

Recorder Asma gets black belt