Recorder Method

Recorder Method

recorder-with-beltsRecorder Method (CLICK HERE)

Please use this Recorder Method to practice at home. Stop and start the video as needed. Go back and practice as needed. You are welcome to practice as many of these exercises as you would like. The more the better! Make sure that you can play an exercise without mistakes before going on to the next one.

1. Cover the correct holes completely
2. Blow with warm, gentle air.
3. Left hand always on the top.
4. Shaded in holes mean to cover them with your finger
5. Holes not shaded in are left open
5. Use a very light tongue (ta) on the beginning of each note

Getting a screeching sound? Check to make sure your holes are completely covered and that you are blowing gentle, warm air. The recorder is not meant to be a loud sounding instrument. Do you best to get the best sound you can. Your mom and dad will appreciate it! 🙂

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