Welcome Back to School! 2020-2021

Welcome Back to School! 2020-2021
Welcome Back to School!  2020-2021

We are now well into our first marking period of 2020-2021 and I hope that you are all having a good year so far and enjoying the music! I would first like to thank all of the students at Howe for being wonderful, fun and super musical students to work with! I will miss you all!

This year I welcome all of my former and new students at Miller Elementary School. We are going to have a great year! I hope you have been enjoying all of the lessons and I look forward to reading every one of your responses. If you ever have any questions, please make sure to contact me in Schoology or via email: hardens@dearbornschools.org

Zoom lessons are as follows:

Monday – 3rd grade (see Schoology for time)

Tuesday – 2nd grade (see Schoology for time)

Wednesday – 1st Grade (see Schoology for time)

Thursday – 5th Grade (see Schoology for time)

Friday – 4th Grade (see Schoology for time)

Every week there will be a Zoom meeting and asynchronous lessons for your to complete. Make sure to complete all of them to the best of your ability and submit all work. I look forward to seeing you all in Zoom and seeing all of your work!

Have a SUPER great day!

About Susan Harden

Ms. Harden is on staff as a Music Teacher for the Dearborn Public Schools as well as a talented Singer/Songwriter. She sings, composes music, plays a number of different instruments and has played professionally and taught Instrumental and Vocal Music for over 25 years both in the USA and abroad.

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