Congratulations on a great school year!

Congratulations on a great school year!

You did it! WE did it! Congratulations on a great school year! Even though none of us imagined that the year would finish the way it did, there were so many great things about this school year! Our students excelled in many ways and Howe has some great little musicians! I am so proud of how our students and parents worked so hard on the remote learning lessons and I was so pleased to see your faces, smiles, and hear your voices and drumming patterns. I hope that you enjoyed this year as much as I did and I look forward to continuing our work next year. I have some fun things in store for you!

To all of our 5th grade students, I am proud of you and I know that you will go on to do great things! Keep in touch!

Parents, thank you for your constant support, encouragement and help. None of us could do what we do without you and you are greatly appreciated! We marvel at what you were able to accomplish, especially over the past 3 months and I would personally like to thank you. I will remember many things, like the video of RoccoBoone and his Father performing the sign language to the song ONE SMALL VOICE. And the video of Sarah, Celine and her sister Julia playing the piano, and Rawad and Ada playing the Dabke rhythm from memory. And the beautiful voices on the song SPRINGTIME. The highlight of my year may have been when Sooni (Hussein) got up and danced for most of the class period with a huge smile on his face! And Bernard was right there with him! There is so much to celebrate!


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Ms. Harden is on staff as a Music Teacher for the Dearborn Public Schools as well as a talented Singer/Songwriter. She sings, composes music, plays a number of different instruments and has played professionally and taught Instrumental and Vocal Music for over 25 years both in the USA and abroad.

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