Moms and Muffins Concerts May 7-9, 2013!!!!!

Moms and Muffins Concerts May 7-9, 2013!!!!!

Get ready for the Moms and Muffins concerts May 7-9, 2013!  Here is the schedule of events:

Tuesday 5/7        1:30-2     Kindergarten

                                 2:30-3     Grade 5

Wednesday 5/8  1:30-2     Grade 1

                                  2:30-3     Grade 2

Thursday   5/9     1:30-2     Grade 3

                                  2:30-3     Grade 4

PLACE – All concerts will take place in the Miller Cafeteria. 

Some things to remember:

1.  PARKING – Get here a little early as parking may get tight.  You may want to walk if you live close and the weather is nice.

2.  VIDEOS AND PICTURES – You are welcome to take videos and pictures but we ask that you stay seated during the concert so that all of our Mothers and guests can have an enjoyable experience.

3.  BABIES AND TINY TOTS – Your little ones are certainly welcome to attend with you!  We just ask that they remain seated next to you for the duration of the concert.  If they begin to cry please take them into the immediate hallway so as to maintain a quiet environment in which all parents and students can enjoy.

4.  CONCERT DRESS – Today’s concert is a time to shine!  It will be fun to “Dress up” in your best today!

We would like to thank the Miller PTA for providing muffins and coffee for our concert.  We appreciate you!


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