The CER assignment for this week has been posted on iLearn. Please have it done by April 5 at Midnight. Let me know if you need any support!

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Week of March 30

Hello! I hope you all are well! Your assignments for this week will be similar to the past two weeks! Plan on completing MobyMax slides and a Quiz as well as a CER writing prompt on iLearn.

MobyMax: ‘How do Materials Respond to Heat?’ and Quiz

iLearn: CER Writing Prompt (I will post the prompt on iLearn Wednesday)

Here is a suggestion on how to organize your time!

Monday- Slides 1-10

Tuesday- Slides 11-21

Wednesday- Slides 22-32 & Start CER

Thursday- Slides 33-44

Friday- Quiz & Turn in CER

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Hey! Many of you are telling me the link for the video on iLearn is restricted! I’m sorry about that. I will post the link here and also provide directions for how to search the video on your own. Let me know if you are still having trouble!

The video is titled “Thermal Energy vs Temperature” by Flashpoint Equipment

Tuesday Update

Hello everyone! Many of you have been contacting me about some issues with the assignments on MobyMax. After many emails and phone calls I think I finally have it figured out. Thank you all for being patient with me! I know I am not the best with this stuff! So the next assigned lesson is ‘How is Heat Transferred?’ Please let me know if there are still problems!

Later today I will be posting a CER writing assignment that will be due on Friday. I will post the assignment on iLearn. Hope you all are well! Miss you!

Week of March 23

I hope the first week of online learning has gone well for all of you! I know that this has been a big adjustment and that you have a lot of different classes that you are managing. I am so proud of you all for all of your hard work. Please remember that I am here for you if you need any help!

This week I will again be posting assignments through MobyMax and iLearn.

MobyMax: The lesson for this week is ‘How do Materials Respond to Heat?’

There are 44 slides, I suggest that you chunk it up. Do not do it all in one sitting! Here is a suggestion for how you could organize it:

  • Monday: Slides 1-11
  • Tuesday: Slides 12-23
  • Wednesday: Slides 24-35
  • Thursday: Slides 36-44
  • Friday: Quiz

iLearn: I will also be posting a lesson on iLearn. There will be a short lecture for you to listen to with questions to interact with as you go.

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Quiz Make-Up

Hey guys!

In addition to the work you are completing on MobyMax I have also added a quiz for you to complete on iLearn. The question is the last question of the quiz you did in class about thermal energy. Many of you left the entire page blank, I’m assuming because you didn’t notice it. So I’m giving you the opportunity to make up those points. If you did complete the questions on the quiz I would still like you to do the assignment on iLearn. I will accept the higher score and put it toward your quiz grade.

The quiz can be found under the Unit 2 section on iLearn. You have until Friday at 10pm to complete it.

Take your time and do your best! There is only one trial allowed!


I just wanted to check in and see how things are going! I am noticing on my end of MobyMax that many of you have not started the assignments yet. Please let me know if you are struggling to get started. I am happy to help! Also remember there are 41 slides in the ‘What is Thermal Energy?’ lesson. I am being notified that some of you are moving through the lesson in under 30 minutes. That is way too fast. There is no way you can read and interact with all of the material in that amount of time. I would advise you to break up the lesson, you don’t have to do it all in one sitting. Then after you complete the lesson you can take the quiz. Here is a suggestion for how to organize your time this week:

Monday: Slides 1-10

Tuesday: Slides 11-20

Wednesday: Slides 21-30

Thursday: Slides 31-41

Friday: Take Quiz

I know this is a big adjustment, please reach out of you need help! I am here for you! I miss you already! Keep up the good work!