Energy Revolution Video

How do we use oil?

Are we increasing or decreasing our dependence on oil?

What other sources of energy have been used in the past?

What sources are being used now?

Why will the future not be in coal?

Why will the future not be in nuclear?

Why might the future be natural gas?

Why might the future be wind?

Why might the future be solar?

Look at the Week: Sept. 16

This week we introduced criteria and constraints in the context of solving engineering design problems. Criteria are goals we have in solving a design problem. Constraints are aspects of a design solution that must be present to be considered successful. Students investigated this phenomena by building their own paper towers using provided criteria and constraints. They self assessed their towers using a rubric and determined that the groups with well defined criteria and constraints were more successful.

Look at the Week: September 3

This week we will introduce systems and models. We will continue to refer to systems and models throughout the year so this is an important topic for us to understand!

Part One of this topic involves identifying what makes a good model. We will do this by learning how to tie a bowline knot through three different models. Students will decide which model was best at teaching them how to tie the knot.

Part Two will involve creating models. Students will be assigned parts of the game ‘Mouse Trap” and will model the subsystem. We will determine what is important to include in our models to make them friendly to viewers.

Note: If your student is absent their work can be found in the ‘While You Were Out’ folders in the classroom. Students are responsible for making up absent work. Assignments can also be found on the iLearn site!

Look at the Week: August 26

Welcome to Seventh Grade Science! I am Mrs. Vander Laan and I am thrilled to be your teacher this year. I love science because it allows for hands on learning. I am all about learning from experiences and there will be a lot of that in this class! I’m looking forward to a great year of learning alongside you!

This week we will be reviewing classroom procedures and creating our classroom contract. This is important because it sets the tone for our school year. It is valuable for us all to be aware of the expectations so we can all be successful.

Your student will be bringing home a syllabus to be reviewed and signed. Please send them back with the signed syllabus as well as the required materials for class. The syllabus can be found on my iLearn site!