Look at the Week- October 1

Happy Monday!

We are ready to set off on another week of growing and learning in science. Last week was a little thrown off with all of the NWEA testing. Testing took a lot longer than anticipated, resulting in students being pulled from class to get caught up. Thankfully, this week is a regular school week. I am eager to get everyone back on track. Our focus this week is to complete our summative assessment for the Thinking like an Engineer unit, and to kick off our new unit, Water; A Mighty Molecule.

Instead of giving students a traditional written assessment, we will be completing a lab in groups. Students will work together to create a flashlight. This task builds on the lab students already completed, where they created a circuit. I am excited to see students collaborating together and applying their knowledge to complete this task. I know the students are excited to be back in the lab after a long week of testing.

Things to take note of, we will have our second bellwork quiz this Friday, October 5. Students can prepare for this by taking notes during bellwork in class and reviewing their notes at home. I have decided that from now on bellwork quizzes will not be open note. There was too much confusion and dependence on the notes during the quiz. It is my hope that this will motivate students to pay close attention during bellwork review in class.

Keep a look out for progress reports. They should be coming in the mail within the next week or so. If you have any questions for me regarding grades, please reach out. I am noticing a trend in students not turning in assignments. I am going to start requiring that students write down homework and important dates in their planners.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have!

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