Look at the Week- September 24

This week in class we will be continuing our unit “Thinking like an Engineer.” Last week, students worked in groups to create a light circuit using provided materials. We will conclude the unit this week with a summative assessment, requiring students to apply what they learned from building a circuit to building a new prototype.

Science NWEA testing begins tomorrow, September 25.

The next bellwork quiz will be October 5. From now on bellwork quizzes will be every other Friday. I have also decided not to make the quiz open note. It caused too much confusion among the students and led to distractions during the quiz.

Grades have been posted for bellwork quiz 1. This is the first quiz, so this grade tells us if students have been keeping up on their bellwork. If your student received a low score, encourage them to pay close attention and take good notes when we do bellwork at the beginning of each hour.

Lets make it a great week!

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